Inside Mauricio Umansky’s Cute Birthday Post From Emma Slater

Mauricio Umansky and Emma Slater from Emma's Instagram

It seems that Mauricio Umansky and Emma Slater kept their friendship alive after Dancing With The Stars Season 32 concluded.

All season long, Mauricio and Emma kept rumors flying with their electrifying chemistry. They also spent a lot of time together outside the rehearsal room, adding to the rumors.

The gossip has died down a little since the season ended. Now, Emma and Mauricio are both working through their respective divorces. But even so, fans felt intrigued to see that Emma left a sweet birthday message for him.

Emma Slater Shows She And Mauricio Umansky Are Still Close

It’s not at all uncommon for Dancing With The Stars partners to develop feelings for each other. In fact, former dancer Cheryl Burke recently shared she thinks it’s a good idea for everyone involved on the show to be single.

While the public still isn’t quite sure what happened between Mauricio Umansky and Emma Slater, it’s clear they have a close bond.

Mauricio Umansky and Emma Slater from Dancing With The Stars, Instagram
Dancing With The Stars/Instagram

Mauricio celebrated his birthday on June 25, so Emma penned a cute post in his honor. She also included their Season 32 competitor, Lele Pons.

“Happy birthday, @mumansky18!!!!!! And happy birthday @lelepons! Can’t believe I have this photo of you both and that it’s also my half birthday today,” Emma wrote. “So funny!! Love you both!”

Mauricio Umansky was born on June 25, 1970, while Lele Pons was born on June 25, 1996. Emma Slater was born on December 25, 1988, which does indeed make her half-birthday June 25.

Lele Pons, Mauricio Umansky, and Emma Slater from Instagram
Emma Slater/Instagram

It’s not immediately clear if Emma and Mauricio spent any one-on-one time together for his birthday. Right now, both are incredibly busy with their personal lives and professional schedules.

The Dancer Insists She Isn’t Looking For Love Right Now

While the internet continues buzzing about Emma Slater’s love life, she insists she’s happily single for now.


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A post shared by Emma Slater (@theemmaslater)

She and her ex-husband Sasha Farber are reportedly on great terms. And she’s not looking to fall in love with anyone else anytime soon.

“I’m still really happy just dating myself, honestly. I’m in such a good place of not really needing to be with anybody that I’m not worried about it,” Emma told Us Weekly.

Interestingly enough, Emma also said that she intended to have Mauricio Umansky in her life forever. Whether she meant as close friends or lovers remains to be seen.

For now, it does appear that Emma Slater and Mauricio Umansky are strictly platonic. However, there will always be a portion of DWTS Season 32 viewers who continue cheering for their rumored relationship.

Do you think Mauricio and Emma ever had a romantic relationship? Share your ideas in the comments. Check back soon and follow TV Shows Ace online to keep up with the latest Dancing With The Stars news. 

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