Kevin Costner Can Relate To ‘Golden Bachelorette’ Joan Vassos

Kevin Costner - Yellowstone - via ET - YouTube

Kevin Costner is famous for a lot of movies, but mostly, Yellowstone and the spinoffs are uppermost in the minds of fans recently. However, it’s not only scripted stuff that he can relate to. He also relates to shows like The Golden Bachelorette and Joan Vassos who looks for love on ABC. What did he share? Keep reading to find out more.

Kevin Costner And Christine Got Divorced

Christine Baumgartner filed for divorce in May last year. So, her ex knows how it feels to lose someone you love. Joan Vassos lost her husband John, to pancreatic cancer. In Season 1 of The Golden Bachelorette, she hopes to find someone to spend her golden years with. She’s quite specific about what she wants, but it wouldn’t hurt if her contestants had a few similarities to the famous Yellowstone actor.

Joan Vassos
Joan Vassos – Golden Bachelor – YouTube

Fans discovered that Joan Vassos worked in the 1980s movie St. Elmo’s Fire. She rode a motorbike in the movie and she said she had the hots for Rob Lowe. But, she also liked the more rugged personality type that Kevin Costner brings to the screen. Recently, at the premiere of Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 1 in Los Angeles, the famous Yellowstone star talked about relating to dating shows.

Joan Vassos Gets Understanding From Kevin

It might surprise you to know that the Paramount star does know about Bachelor Nation. He spoke with Entertainment Tonight about it, saying:

You cannot not bump into that show. Even if you think you’re going to bypass it sometimes, you just stop and look and wonder. It’s really handsome people, beautiful women, and everybody’s trying to create a relationship in front of a billion people. I have a little experience with that.

Kevin Costner - YouTube, Yellowstone
Kevin Costner – YouTube, Yellowstone

Clearly, Kevin Costner was referring to his divorce. He knows exactly how things can mix under the scrutiny of many eyes. Even the best of the best can fall down on relationships. So, it’s not a massive surprise that shows like Golden Bachelor, Bachelor, or even The Golden Bachelorette might not work out.

Joan Vassos Starts Her Journey In The Fall

Fans of The Golden Bachelorette will be able to watch Joan Vassos in the fall. There is no set premiere date yet, but we will let you know when it’s announced. In the meantime, fans of Kevin Costner can watch Horizon: An American Saga. Part One next week.

Talking about possibly returning to Yellowstone, Kevin Costner left it up in the air. He’d like to, he said, but there were some issues with Taylor Sheridan. Juggling all his projects seemed a bit difficult. However, the news arrived this week that he won’t be returning to the Paramount show. Nonetheless, it’s probably safe to say that Joan Vassos will be watching anything else that he’s involved with.

What are your thoughts about Joan Vassos having a crush on Kevin Costner? Do you think it’s great that he can relate to her trying to find love on reality TV? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here often for all your Golden Bachelorette and Yellowstone news.

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