‘Summer House’ Cast Member Reveals They Will Not Return

Summer House

Summer House cast member has revealed that they are not going to be returning to the show. The show is going to be filming its ninth season. However, one of the main members is going to be taking a step back from the show. They made it seem like it was their choice to leave. However, fans do not know if that is the truth. Keep reading to find out more about who is not returning.

Summer House Drama

There was a lot of drama in the most recent season of Summer House. Viewers got to see Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke go through ups and downs. Amanda voiced her feelings about wanting to start something of her own that wasn’t Loverboy. Kyle was not immediately on board with this, and this led to some drama. Fans also saw Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke end their engagement. There was a lot of fighting between the two of them. They fought all summer and the other cast members saw this coming. However, one cast member has revealed they are not returning. Could it be one of them?

Summer House Women
Summer House Women

Who Will Not Be Returning?

Danielle Olivera has revealed that she will not be returning to the show. 

“Hello my sweet loves, I wanted to share that I’ve come to the heartbreaking decision to not return as a full-time cast member on the upcoming season of Summer House. Obviously, this decision didn’t come without a tremendous amount of thought. Ultimately, I just need to trust my gut. The network, production, my cast and especially all of you deserve that, right now, I need to protect and prioritize the things that matter most to me — my company, my people and of course myself.”

Some fans are happy to see her go while others will miss her. What do you think?

Danielle Olivera
Danielle Olivera

It seems that Danielle Olivera is not going to be returning to the show. She said she was not going to be full time so fans may see her on an episode or two. However, she will not be there the entire summer. Fans are not necessarily sure if she took a step back or if she got fired. Bravo lets the stars make their announcement and viewers may never know if she got fired or not. Are you going to miss Danielle? Or are you glad that she is leaving? Sound off in the comments below.

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