‘Perfect Match’ Izzy Zapata Shows Off His Blond Bombshell

Izzy Zapata - Perfect Match

Recently, Love Is Blind fans got to see some of the uncoupled singles that were ready to mingle on the new season of Perfect Match. Among the crossover individuals was Izzy Zapata. Following the release of the show, Izzy is showing off his blond bombshell.

Izzy Zapata Puts His Heart Out There

Undeniably, this season of Perfect Match was spicy as expected. While there were Netflix crossovers from several shows, Love Is Blind was one of them. Some of the familiar faces include Jessica Vestal, Micah Lussier, Trevor Sova, and Izzy Zapata. Going on a show like LIB, the participants enter the experiment knowing they are on the fast track to marriage. However, Perfect Match is a different ballgame. Each of the LIB stars was a little hesitant going into the show after their experience in the pods. Especially, Izzy whose relationship didn’t pan out with Stacy Snyder. However, Izzy was star-struck when he saw Micah on the show. While some believe the finale was “rigged” it was drama central as usual. But Izzy thinks he may have found his perfect match, hopefully with less drama.

Izzy Zapata - Love Is Blind
Izzy Zapata – Love Is Blind

Izzy Zapata Shows Off His Blond Bombshell

On Izzy Zapata’s Instagram page, he posted two photos with a woman who is the “blond bombshell” he has been searching for everywhere. Izzy captions: “Found my honey.” While several fans were excited to see his stunning lady, others already recognized her.

  • Tolue says, “What a lucky lady 😍😍.’
  • “πŸ‘€ glad you’re happy you deserve everything!!”
  • “You deserve all the things! Such a gent!”
  • Micah Lussier comments, “😍😍😍😍.”
Izzy Zapata shows off his honey. - Instagram
Izzy Zapata shows off his honey. – Instagram

Longtime Fans Recognize The Girlfriend

But many fans have followed Izzy Zapata long enough they knew the truth. Several months ago, Izzy was accused of dating a Stacy Snyder “look-alike” named Shelby Webb. But mysteriously, all the photos went away. But now she is back!

  • “Yes!!! I missed Shelby on our timelines 😍😍😍.”
  • “They met when he got back from filming PM at a bar crawl. They’ve been dating since October.”
Some fans think she looks familiar. - Instagram
Some fans think Izzy Zapata’s girlfriend looks familiar. – Instagram
  • “So what happened? I remember you posted her before. And other casts posted their relationships too. I bet you guys got in trouble for posting before? πŸ™ˆ”
  • “Nothing happened everyone had to hide their person until the show was out now you see everyone is started to bring them back from hiding πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.”
  • Poking fun at Izzy Zapata’s “type” another fan says, “Micah looks different here 😌.”
Shelby Webb and Izzy Zapata - TikTok
Shelby Webb and Izzy Zapata – TikTok


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Do you think that Izzy Zapata has a type? Do you think he is grateful his reality TV experience didn’t pan out so he could land his current “honey”? What do you think? Drop your comments below.


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