Will Fans Get A ‘Perfect Match’ Season 2 Reunion Special?

Micah Lussier and Kaz Bishop from Perfect Match Season 2, Netflix, sourced from YouTube

Perfect Match Season 2 has officially concluded on Netflix. Although many fans were particularly displeased with the season finale, many wonder where the couples are today. After all, the show filmed sometime last year.

Since then, the cast members have gone on to explore numerous other projects. Most notably, Harry Jowsey went on to compete on Dancing With The Stars Season 32, where he caused more mayhem and drama.

As Netflix subscribers finish the final episodes, many would love to see a reunion special and see what the contestants are up to today. More importantly, fans want to know which couples are still together and which ones parted ways.

But is Netflix planning to put one out anytime soon? Keep reading and see what information is currently available.

Fans Want To Catch Up With The Cast Of Perfect Match Season 2

Plenty of Netflix reality shows get a reunion special after the season wraps. Love Is Blind, Selling Sunset, and plenty of other shows follow this format.

But what can fans expect now that Perfect Match Season 2 is over?

Cast of Perfect Match Season 2 from Netflix, sourced from YouTube
Perfect Match/Netflix

As of right now, it doesn’t appear that Netflix is producing a reunion special, as per Distractify. However, that doesn’t mean they’ll leave fans hanging. After all, there was plenty of salacious information that came out during the Season 2 finale.

As fans recall, there wasn’t an official Perfect Match Season 1 reunion. However, Netflix did produce a “Where Are They Now?” special for YouTube.

Check it out here:

While it doesn’t seem like there are any official plans for a Perfect Match Season 2 reunion episode, fans might get some insight soon. Another YouTube special might come out in the upcoming weeks.

Fans should stay tuned and monitor social media for any signs of an upcoming special.

Harry Jowsey Continues To Be A Menace To His Costars

More than anything, Perfect Match fans would love to see what happened between Harry Jowsey and his castmates after the shocking finale.

Throughout the season, the Too Hot To Handle alum was in a relationship with Love Is Blind star, Jessica Vestal. She previously called him out for flirting heavily with Melinda Melrose. Harry dismissed her concerns.

And then in the Season 2 finale, Harry and Melinda shared a kiss. Cameras also picked up Harry confessing that he wanted to sleep with Melinda.

Of course, Harry denied the encounter ever happened. But now that the full season is out, there’s no denying the video evidence.

What did you think of Perfect Match Season 2? Are you hoping for a reunion special? Add your voice to the conversation and share your thoughts in the comments.

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