Harry Jowsey Admits ‘DWTS’ Tanked His ‘Secret Relationship’

Harry Jowsey from Boyfriend Material podcast, sourced from YouTube

Too Hot To Handle star Harry Jowsey claims he found real love — but Dancing With The Stars ruined the entire relationship.

It’s not at all uncommon for romance to bloom in the ballroom. Former pro dancer Cheryl Burke even recently suggested that celebrities be single when they sign up for the show.

So what exactly happened behind the scenes? And what happened to Harry’s “secret girlfriend?” Keep reading to get the scoop.

Harry Jowsey Comes Clean About His Relationships Over The Past Year

During Harry Jowsey’s run on Dancing With The Stars Season 32, many viewers sincerely hoped he would develop a romance with his dance partner. Although there was a significant age difference between Harry and Rylee Arnold, they appeared to have spectacular chemistry in the ballroom and behind the scenes too.

Harry Jowsey from Saving Grace podcast, sourced from YouTube
Saving Grace Podcast/YouTube

As the season continued, both Harry and Rylee played coy about their relationship. Neither would publicly comment on the situation, leading fans to believe there was something serious budding between the two.

But now that Harry Jowsey’s new podcast is out, he’s decided to tell the truth about his relationship with Rylee. On the Boyfriend Material podcast, Harry confirmed that he and Rylee were never a couple at all.

In fact, he had a “secret girlfriend” during his time on Dancing With The Stars. And all the rumors and fan-created drama really put a strain on that relationship. Ultimately, the two seem to have parted ways.

The “Secret Romance” Quickly Soured As DWTS Continued

Although Harry Jowsey hasn’t exposed his former partner’s identity, fans largely believe that it’s none other than Love Is Blind‘s Jessica Vestal.

Both Harry and Jess are cast members on Netflix’s Perfect Match Season 2, which hasn’t premiered yet. Word on the street is that the pair started dating during filming and had to keep their relationship quiet until Season 2 premiered.

In the meantime, Harry joined the cast of Dancing With The Stars. Fans immediately started spreading rumors about him and Rylee Arnold, which apparently caused a lot of problems in his “secret relationship.”


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According to Harry Jowsey’s podcast, he loved his “secret girlfriend” quite deeply. But ultimately, their love couldn’t withstand the heat that came from his time in the ballroom.

Perfect Match Season 2 premieres on Netflix starting on June 7, 2024. More episodes will premiere on June 14 and June 21. Tune in and see if fans’ speculations about Harry and Jess are correct.

What do you make of the relationship drama? Was Harry Jowsey secretly dating Jessica Vestal? Did Dancing With The Stars really ruin his relationship or do you think there is more to the story? Leave your own ideas in the comments.

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