‘Love Is Blind’ Stacy Snyder Dating ‘MAFS’ Star, Who?

Love Is Blind: Stacy Snyder

Love Is Blind celeb Stacy Snyder is dating a new man. If he looks familiar, it’s because viewers will recognize him from another dating show, Married at First Sight. So, who is Stacy dating in this surprise reality crossover?

Love Is Blind: Things Didn’t Work Out Between Stacy Snyder And Izzy Zapata in Season 5

Love Is Blind Season 5 gave viewers Stacy Snyder and Izzy Zapata as a couple. The pair formed a bond in the pods, and decided to take that bond to the next level. They chose each other and moved their lives outside the pods and into the real world to see if they could make it work.

One of the things Love Is Blind fans noticed early when Izzy Zapata and Stacy Snyder got out of the pods was how their lifestyles didn’t at all mesh. Stacy is used to the finer things in life, including expecting her man to pay for things and give her lavish gifts.

For Izzy, he was a lot more low-key when it came to material things. Some Love Is Blind fans even said Stacy wanted Izzy to move into her house so that he could help with bills. On the other side of the coin, viewers felt Izzy made a lot of big promises in the pods that he couldn’t deliver on. It wasn’t a huge shocker when these two didn’t work out.

Stacy Says She’s Dating A Surprise Married At First Sight Celeb

Recently, Stacy Snyder took to social media to announce publicly that she is dating someone. It’s a man that many Married at First Sight fans will recognize. Stacy is now social media official with Ryan Ignasiak. If his name sounds familiar, it’s because he was on Married at First Sight Season 13 in Houston.

Ryan Ignasiak married Brett Layton in Season 13 of Married at First Sight. Like most MAFS marriages these days that end in divorce, Ryan didn’t have much luck with his match that the experts chose for him. Ryan and Brett both agreed to part ways on Decision Day, as they were never able to get on the same page.

Stacy Snyder, Ryan Ignasiak, Love Is Blind, MAFS, YouTube
Stacy Snyder, Ryan Ignasiak, Love Is Blind, MAFS, YouTube

Stacy Snyder And Ryan Ignasiak Make It Official

In a surprise move, Stacy Snyder took to social media with Ryan Ignasiak to confirm that the pair are officially dating. In addition to confirming that she and Ryan are an item, Stacy shared a clip of the pair catching up on Love Is Blind Season 6. Stacy wrote: “Oh yeah and I’m dating @ryanignacho.”

Love Is Blind Season 5 and Married at First Sight Season 13 both filmed in Houston. So, that explains how they crossed paths. They may have been on different shows trying to find love, but, it certainly helps when you find someone that lives in the same major city.


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Speculation about Stacy and Ryan being an item first made the rounds in October 2023. At the time, neither of them confirmed that they were official. There’s no doubt that they are now with this most recent update. Stacy Snyder didn’t go into detail about how she and Ryan Ignasiak met and started dating, but, it’s the surprise crossover romance that no Love Is Blind or Married at First Sight fans expected.

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