‘MAFS’ Michael Opens Up On Current Status With Chloe Brown

Married at First Sight: Michael Shiakallis - Chloe Brown

Married at First Sight celeb Michael Shiakallis chose to ditch Chloe Brown on Decision Day rather than stay married to her in Season 17. Recently, he opened up about where things currently stand between him and Chloe today. So, what did he have to say?

Married At First Sight: Michael Shiakallis Got A Second Chance With Chloe Brown

Michael Shiakallis was the first and only Married at First Sight participant to get left at the altar with a runaway bride situation. In the nearly a decade that the show has been on the air, this was a first for the franchise. Unfortunately for Michael, he was on the receiving end of this.

The Married at First Sight experts brought in a backup match to try to remedy the situation. Michael was still willing to give the marriage experiment a try. So, the experts brought in Chloe Brown to see if these two could make things work once they actually gave the experiment a go.

Married at First Sight: Michael Shiakallis
Married at First Sight: Michael Shiakallis/YouTube

MAFS: Michael Rejected Chloe Brown On Decision Day

Chloe Brown may have been a late arrival to Married at First Sight Season 17, but, fans fell in love with her for her genuine personality and her willingness to go through the process. She was down for Michael Shiakallis even though he wanted to do things like wear her skirts and her earrings.

Unfortunately, Michael wasn’t as big a fan of her as Married at First Sight viewers are. Despite Chloe Brown wanting to stay married on Decision Day, Michael chose to end things. So, not only did he strike out with his first match, but, he even struck out with his second one as well.

Married at First Sight: Michael Shiakallis - Chloe Brown
Married at First Sight: Michael Shiakallis – Chloe Brown/YouTube

Married At First Sight: Michael Opens Up About Where Things Currently Stand With Chloe

Even when Married at First Sight couples and cast members go their separate ways, they all still live in the same city. It’s not uncommon to see cast members from the same season hanging out even when the Lifetime cameras leave.

Recently, Michael Shiakallis opened up about where things currently stand between him and Chloe Brown after going their separate ways on Decision Day. According to Michael, things are great between him and Chloe. Michael went on to add that Chloe and the rest of the MAFS men even had a watch party at his house.

Married at First Sight: Chloe Brown
Married at First Sight: Chloe Brown/YouTube

Recently, Chloe Brown opened up about the “Mean Girls” treatment she has been getting from the other Denver ladies. She even accused them of having burner accounts to troll her online. However, Chloe seems to be getting along just fine with the rest of the Denver guys, including her ex, Michael Shiakallis.

Recently, Michael even shared pics of him, Chloe Brown, Brennan Shoykhet, Cameron Frazer, Orion Martzloff, and Austin Reed spending time together at an animal sanctuary.

So, even though Michael Shiakallis and Chloe Brown didn’t work as a couple, they seem to be great as friends. After what a disaster the Denver season was, all of the men and Chloe hanging out together may be the one silver lining to take away from all of this since none of the original matches survived as couples.

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Evan Morgan


  1. I think all the women on this season, excluding Chloe, were TOXIC… Emily needs to move on. she’s horrible and Clare was like the ice princess so of course her marriage didn’t have a chance…. unfortunately Becca jumped on board and also became so negative. All four girls are a nightmare….. grow up girls…

    1. totally agree, I also think to much socializing with each other instead of focusing on trying to make their marriage work

  2. I concur. The women, with the exception of Chloe Brown, were toxic and fed off of each other’s negative energy.

    It is unfortunate Michael and Chloe did not make it as a married couple, but both of them handle their dissolutions with maturity: his runaway bride and Chloe’s acceptance of his decision to end the marriage.

  3. Emily was toxic to the women. She was very negative to girls with her advice and theÿ didn’t see through it. One rotten apple can spoil the barrel. That’s what I saw!!!

  4. Michael and Chloe without a doubt were the most mature couple. I thought Michael was very lucky to get his second chance and marry Chloe. Personally, I think he is very unattractive, but he seems to be a nice guy. Unfortunately, I believe he did not want to stay married on Decision Day because their goals in life were very different. She wanted five foster children, so It seemed a bit too much for him. The most toxic of the women without a doubt was Emily. What were the experts thinking matching a woman in her late 20’s who never had a long term relationship? She never had more than three dates with anyone, and I could see why, she is a miserable person. Becca and Austin should never have been matched for their religious differences alone.

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