Jazz Jennings Addresses Backlash On Her Instagram Posts

Jazz Jennings from Instagram

TLC star Jazz Jennings wants to clear the air on some of her recent Instagram posts.

Right now, Jazz is working toward her weight loss goals. But she also wants to encourage fans to love their bodies and develop positive relationships with their own skin.

After receiving some negative comments, Jazz is setting the record straight once and for all.

Jazz Jennings Wants Her Fans To Have Bodily Autonomy

As a transwoman, Jazz Jennings sadly receives many hateful comments from trolls. Most recently, many have called her a hypocrite for spreading messages about self-acceptance while simultaneously talking about her transition journey.

Now, she’s directly addressing those comments.

Jazz Jennings from Instagram
Jazz Jennings/Instagram

“I’d like to address some comments I’ve received about my body positivity posts,” Jazz began her Instagram post. She shared comments she receives on posts including:

  • “So the trans ideology says ‘love yourself and be who you are’ but also ‘cut off perfectly healthy body parts and mutilate your genitals’ do u see why this relays a confusing message?”
  • “You don’t love your body, you changed it”

“I understand this point, but I have a different perspective,” Jazz continued. “Sometimes, loving yourself and your body means honoring your desire to make a change. It’s like going to the gym: you do it to boost your confidence and improve your image. How you look is important in this world because it influences how we perceive one another.”

The TLC star went on to discuss how everyone deserves to have autonomy over their own body. Ultimately, personal freedom to choose is what matters most.

“I expect there to be a lot of contrasting opinions regarding this post. Everyone holds a different view, and I ask for you to be respectful of others in this discourse,” the TLC star concluded.


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Instagram Users Rally Around The TLC Star’s Message

Although Jazz still received more than her fair share of naysayers, plenty of other Instagram users thought the post was beautiful. Many supported her message of self-love and acceptance.

Such a powerful message,” Jazz’s older brother Sander wrote. Other comments on the Instagram post included: 

  • “Soo powerful!! Whatever the comments say, just shine on girl!!!❤️💖❤️💖”
  • “You are as stunning in your words as you are in your self-confidence. I am so proud to know and love you and I’m so proud of who you continue to become.❤️”
  • Proud of you, girl! Keep doin’ you! ❤️”

What do you think about Jazz Jennings’ posts about body positivity? Be sure to share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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