Jazz Jennings Shakes Off Haters, Promotes Body Positivity

Jazz Jennings from Instagram

It’s Pride Month and TLC star Jazz Jennings is excited to spread love and positivity on her timeline. Most recently, she and her brother Sander teamed up to make a great post about body positivity too.

Sander & Jazz Jennings Spread Love Online

Since Jazz Jennings is a transwoman, she and her family have been subject to incredibly cruel words from strangers on the internet. After Jazz gained weight in college, they began to mock her size too.

But even so, the TLC star is going to keep moving forward and sharing her message of love, kindness, and acceptance.

Jazz Jennings from Instagram
Jazz Jennings/Instagram

“Every body is beautiful ❤️” the Jennings siblings captioned their Instagram post. “To look at someone’s body and say ‘this is not beautiful’ is a reflection of social conditioning. You weren’t born saying that some bodies are not attractive. You were taught it. We all were. To distinguish one body as being ‘better’ is a societal construct of beauty standards.”

“STOP JUDGING. WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL. EVERY BODY IS BEAUTIFUL. Let’s always respect each other, our bodies, and the autonomy we have when it comes to how we care for ourselves,” Jazz and Sander concluded the post.


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The message really resonated with Jazz’s fans. Instagram users wrote kind comments including:

  • Yes indeed! ❤️ love you guys!”
  • Jazz you look absolutely beautiful 🤩 😍🔥👏”
  • You both always look amazing and it has nothing to do with weight. It’s how you shine as really good and caring people 🥰🥰👏👏”
  • Thank you so very much for posting this it hit home for me being a plus size woman I generally do not like my body at all! This meant a lot thank you! Happy Pride ❤️”

Of course, trollers and haters left their fair share of comments too. But Jazz and Sander simply chose to just shake them off.

The TLC Star Admitted To Struggling With Mental Health Problems

Previously, Jazz Jennings has opened up about her mental health issues. She is proud to be a transwoman, but it isn’t always easy dealing with internet trolls. To push the matter further, the TLC star struggled with a binge eating disorder which contributed to her weight gain.

Now, it seems like she’s on a healthier path and living her best life. Jazz has the love and support of her family to keep moving forward.

What did you think about Jazz and Sander’s Instagram post? Are you excited to see the siblings share kind messages of inclusivity? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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