Is Daniel Lissing Returning As Jack Thornton In ‘WCTH’ Season 12?

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The WCTH Season 11 episode entitled “Anything For Love” ended on a crazy cliffhanger. Superintendent Hargraves needs to speak to Elizabeth, about Jack! He told her, “Mrs. Thornton. It’s about your late husband.”

What does the Hallmark When Calls The Heart Showrunner Lindsay Sturman have to say about this cliffhanger? Is Daniel Lissing returning as Jack Thornton in Season 12?

Here is the latest news.

Erin Krakow Daniel Lissing WCTH - Instagram
Erin Krakow Daniel Lissing WCTH – Instagram

WCTH Showrunner Lindsay Sturman on Jack’s Return

Now that Nathan and Elizabeth have shared their feelings with each other, there is still one big obstacle. That is Jack Thornton’s death. This was an obstacle impeding this couple’s romance. Moreover, this was the cliffhanger at the end of Season 11. ┬áIt looks like this is what will be explored in WCTH Season 12.

Series showrunner Lindsay Sturman spoke with TV Guide about the possibility of Jack coming back. Although they are still working on Season 12 scripts, she seemed very sure of her answer.

Jack is not coming back, but we did want to keep his memory alive. From the beginning of the show, it was a story about widows and for Little Jack, as he’s hitting those milestones growing up, how does Elizabeth keep Jack alive for Little Jack and hold his memory and the complexity of that when she’s in a new relationship? It’s a way to complicate [Elizabeth and Nathan’s] new situation, which ends on a sweet note and then, oh no, there’s this new complexity. It can’t always be simple.

it certainly sounds like Jack Thornton will always be in between Nathan and Elizabeth. However, could one of the upcoming season’s storylines possibly absolve Nathan’s guilt? There seems to be a possibility.


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Does Daniel Lissing Hint At Return To WCTH?

While showrunner Lindsay Sturman has shared that Jack is not returning to WCTH, she did not say that Daniel Lissing is not returning to the Hallmark series. Since they want to relive the past, may fans surmise that there may be an unresolved issues regarding Jack’s death. Perhaps they will use the actor to reveal what transpired before he died. Did he interrupt some bad people?

If Daniel Lissing should be returning to WCTH to film possible flashback scenes, his social media has not revealed anything. However, Dan and Erin Krakow are reuniting for the first time since he left the Hallmark series for the upcoming Countdown To Christmas movie, Santa Tell Me. Could a return to Hope Valley be possible?

Hearties will have to wait til 2025 when the new season premieres.

WCTH fans, what did you think of the Season 11 finale? What do you think will happen next season? Please share your predictions in the comments below.

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  1. I have always had a feeling jack may be alive, but I’m hoping not and flashback stuff would work. I like her with Nathan and I’m sure they can get through annnythiinng shortt of him being alive wich. again I so hope not ann option.

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