‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ Fans Slam Tina’s Money Making Scheme

Tina Arnold from 1000-Lb Best Friends, TLC, sourced from YouTube

Former 1000-Lb Best Friends star Tina Arnold strives to be a successful entrepreneur. As such, she and some of her costars come up with various business ideas over the years. Once, she and Meghan Crumpler thought about buying an RV and starting a blog. And a few weeks ago, Tina announced she opened her own photography shop. 

But Tina’s latest endeavor isn’t going over well with viewers at all. What are they saying online?

The Former 1000-Lb Best Friends Star Is Reportedly Selling Her Clothes Online

Although Tina Arnold claimed she left 1000-Lb Best Friends, she’s still a very hot topic on Reddit. In a new post, users expressed distaste over her latest money-making scheme.

“[Tina]’s selling her used dresses for $50. Claiming they all cost double that and since she’s only worn them once or twice, it’s a great deal!” one Redditor shared on the platform. They attached photos from one of Tina’s social media posts, though it seems she has taken it down as of the time of writing.

In the images, she models the dresses for potential buyers.

Tina Arnold, screenshots from Equal_Entrepreneur45
“Here are the dresses currently available for purchase. Each dress is priced at $50, plus shipping. Sizes are indicated in the captions of the front-facing photos,” the post continues. “Items cannot be reserved; please be ready to complete payment upon claiming.

I ship within the US. International shipping is possible if you’re willing to cover the higher costs; please check and confirm the shipping fees beforehand.”

The OP added that they wouldn’t dream of paying $50 for a used dress and asked other Redditors for their opinions.

Reddit Users Rail Against Tina’s Dress Sale

Tina Arnold catches a lot of hate from 1000-Lb Best Friends fans on Reddit. But this particular post seemed to really rile fans up.

A few fans pointed out that the dresses likely came from Torrid, so it’s entirely possible that Tina did pay more than $50 for the items. However, most Reddit users weren’t interested in buying used dresses that the TLC star wore under the hot Georgia sun.

Tina Arnold, screenshots from Equal_Entrepreneur45 on Reddit

To be fair, if she got them at Torrid, they may very well have cost double. This why you only buy things on sale there!” one Reddit user wrote. “That being said, would I pay that for used clothes? NO! I don’t even pay $50 for brand new things AND I get free shipping!”

Torrid is expensive but no one wants to spend 50 for used torrid clothes, you can find that at a thrift store for a fraction of the cost. She’s insane to think to charge 50 dollars for used clothes she doesn’t want,” another chimed in.

What do you think about Tina Arnold’s latest money-making strategy? Do you think she sold a few dresses, or will this endeavor tank like some of the others? Share your ideas in the comments.

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