‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ Tina Arnold Launches New Shop

Tina Arnold from Instagram

Tina Arnold may have left 1000-Lb Best Friends, but she’s certainly not done with the fame that came along with it. Even after parting ways with the TLC show, Tina wants her fans to come out and support her new shop in Georgia.

While her Instagram followers wished her well, the shop wasn’t very well received by everyone. Read on to get the scoop.

Tina Arnold Has A Brand New Shop To Sell Her Art

Most 1000-Lb Best Friends viewers aren’t that fond of Tina. Many think she and her costar Meghan Crumpler are too codependent. On top of that, viewers don’t think the two love to complain and aren’t very hard workers.

Last year, Meghan and Tina had a plan to fundraise money for an RV so they could have a vlog and show friends about their adventures as they traveled across the country. However, that didn’t exactly pan out.

Now, Tina has another business plan in place.

Tina Arnold from Instagram
Tina Arnold/Instagram

Tina Arnold is an author and photographer. After launching her latest book, she also decided it’s time to sell her art.

“Tina Arnold Photography is thrilled to announce our new shop opening soon inside Modern South Antique Shop in Statham, GA! Over the next month, we’ll be moving in and setting up our space,” the former TLC star captioned her Instagram post. “📸 Come explore our collection of stunning framed prints starting at $55 and unframed prints starting at $40. Plus, don’t miss out on copies of my books. 📚Mark your calendars and make sure to stop by! We can’t wait to share our passion for photography and reading with you. See you soon at Tina Arnold Photography (inside Modern South Antique Shop)! 📷✨”


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The Internet Reacts To The TLC Personality’s Latest Venture

On Tina Arnold’s Instagram page, the comments were overwhelmingly supportive. However, Redditors had a bit of a different take.

“Is she selling her iPhone pics? I am so confused…” one Redditor asked on the platform, sharing the contents of Tina’s Instagram post.

Other Redditors thought it was an odd business decision and left comments including:

  • “Who the f*** is gonna shop there? Why does she believe that she’s not only talented but popular? … Maybe on the outside of her shop copies of her husband’s racist comments can be plastered or passed out to people shopping.”
  • “How did she determine there were so many people out there just waiting to buy this crap? Her Etsy shop is hilariously out of control with high prices for bad iPhone pics.”
  • She’ll do anything to avoid getting an actual job.”

What do you think about Tina Arnold’s big plans for her store? Do you think it’s a viable business move, or will it end up like her other endeavors? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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