‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ Fans Demand A Vannessa Cross Spin-Off

Vannessa Cross from Instagram

As 1000-Lb Best Friends fans patiently wait for a new season, they’re also thinking about potential spin-offs. While many viewers weren’t sure about Vannessa Cross at first, she’s definitely grown on fans over time. Now, she’s easily the most popular cast member.

Is it time for Vannessa to have her own show?

That’s definitely what many TLC viewers think at least. Many believe that 1000-Lb Best Friends is lagging and Vannessa is in a completely different chapter of her life. Read on and see what others had to say.

1000-Lb Best Friends Fans Always Want Vannessa Cross To Succeed

When Vannessa Cross first appeared on TLC’s Too Large, she really wasn’t interested in weight loss. Those sentiments continued when she joined the cast of 1000-Lb Best Friends. But eventually, she had a change of heart.

Over the first two seasons of 1000-Lb Best Friends, fans have watched Vannessa Cross exceed every expectation she set for herself. She received bariatric surgery and is eagerly awaiting skin removal surgery now.

Vannessa Cross and Dr. Charles Procter from Instagram
Vannessa Cross/Instagram

It seems like TLC plans to move forward when 1000-Lb Best Friends. But at this point, many viewers would love to see Vannessa Cross have her own spin-off instead.

“If TLC would give Vannessa her own show, would you watch it?” one Redditor asked on the platform recently. “Who should be on it? She’s an inspiration to everyone.”

In the comments, OP added, “Vanessa could mentor different women having the same challenges she faced. It would be very uplifting!!”

In other Reddit threads, users frequently complain they’re growing tired of the other cast members, particularly Meghan Crumpler and Tina Arnold. At the very least, it would be a very different change of pace.

Others Agreed The Spin-Off Would Be So Entertaining

Of course, other Reddit users readily agreed that giving Vannessa Cross her own show sounded like an excellent idea. She has a very large personality, loves making people laugh, and generally gets along quite well with everyone.

Redditors left comments including:

  • “I love Vannessa and I’d definitely watch! I want to see more of Dr. Procter too!❤️”
  • “Absolutely! Her story is so inspiring and she’s very entertaining.”
  • “I would watch it, I mean she’s just been killing it. I hope she gets skin removal surgery and just keeps on killing it.”
  • “I think she has done very well and has kept a super positive attitude. What she has been through was not easy. She should be extremely proud.”

So what do you think about the situation? Does Vannessa Cross deserve her own series? Will you continue watching 1000-Lb Best Friends when it returns to TLC? Share your own ideas in the comments below.

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  1. I love Vanessa Cross. I laughed so hard when she ran naked into the water when they were on Vacation at the cabin, I literally fell off the couch!

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