How ‘The Matrix’ Ties In With ‘Big Brother 26’

Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves - YouTube/Entertainment Tonight

Every new season of Big Brother has its own theme and house decorations to match. Fans may recall some of the past themes, including last season’s comic book multiverse theme. While the idea behind the theme for Big Brother 26 has not been revealed, there have been some clues about what it might be. Keep reading to see what hints there have been and why some people think the theme might be The Matrix.

Julie Chen Moonves Drops A Hint About Season 26’s Theme

Season 25 of Big Brother was centered around the multiverse theme. Different weeks on the show included the comic book verse, the scary-verse, the scramble-verse, and the humili-verse. The theme impacts the house decorations as well as how the game is played.

Before each new season premieres, fans look for clues about what the theme might be. There is no telling who might be competing on Big Brother 26 for $750,000, but there have been some hints dropped about what theme fans can expect to see.

Julie Chen Moonves - YouTube/Big Brother
YouTube/Big Brother

The clue came from the show’s host Julie Chen Moonves. She has been the host of Big Brother since its debut in July 2000, so she is a reliable source for information about the upcoming season.

Moonves tweeted a photo of the Big Brother icon on top of a microchip. The caption read, “Not everything is as it seems this summer. #BB26 is one month away.” Many people think that the photo and the words accompanying it may point at a theme from the past.

Will The Matrix Be The New Big Brother Theme?

With the microchip in the picture, technology may play an important part in Season 26’s theme. Some might remember that Big Brother 20 had a theme of Interactive Technology. During that season, Sam Bledsoe was turned into a robot and moved through the Big Brother house as a computer on wheels.

Julie Chen Moonves Big Brother Hint - X
X/Julie Chen Moonves

Many people are focusing on Moonves words in her recent tweet though. “Not everything is as it seems” appears to nod at the Blockbuster film The Matrix. Given that clue, there are multiple possibilities for how the theme could impact how the game is played from week to week. Artificial intelligence might even play a role.

Part 1 of the Big Brother 26 premiere airs on July 17 on CBS. The second part of this season’s premiere will air the following day, July 18. It will air on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays each week. The Sunday episode will be the one where the cast votes to evict one person from the house. Of course, fans can always check in on their favorite houseguests in real-time using the Big Brother live feeds.

Previous seasons of Big Brother are available to stream on Paramount Plus.

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