‘Big Brother’ Nicole Franzel-Arroyo Reveals Family Emergency

Nicole Franzel Arroyo from Big Brother | YouTube

Big Brother star Nicole Franzel-Arroyo remains one of the most popular stars from the reality TV show’s competition series. She reciprocates her love by keeping her fans updated with her life. Sadly, the reality TV star’s most recent update shared some devastating news.

Nicole just had a close loved one suffer from a terrible medical emergency. Here is what you need to know about the reality TV star’s sad news.

Nicole Franzel-Arroyo Announces Family Emergency

Nicole Franzel-Arroyo posted a photo on her Instagram account with a photo of her holding her dog, Beyoncé. What happened next was a sad story about what Nicole went through with her beloved dog.

Nicole Franzel-Arroyo | Instagram
Nicole Franzel-Arroyo | Instagram

Nicole noticed that Beyoncé’s mouth was foaming last Saturday night, but it quickly stopped. She called her mom and said she would need her help if this continued. Nicole’s husband, Victor, is out of state, so all he could do was give her words of encouragement.

About an hour later, Beyoncé began having a seizure. This scared Nicole, who had never seen an animal have a seizure before and thought it was a stroke. She got her son and dog and raced to an emergency on-call vet for help. However, the on-call vet never received the call, and someone else she knows who has experience with dogs and seizures was headed over to help, so she returned home.

She finally got the on-call vet to meet them, but the resources there were limited in helping the dog. They took Beyoncé to the Michigan State University Emergency Vet Clinic (a two-hour drive) to get help. By this time, Beyoncé had three seizures, the last one just 20 minutes away from the ER.

The vet got Beyoncé settled but then did some testing and learned that she had a brain tumor in an inoperable location. However, there was some good news.

Nicole Franzel-Arroyo Getting Treatment For Beyoncé

The Michigan State University Emergency Vet Clinic said that Beyoncé was a candidate for a place that could provide radiation treatment with minimal side effects.

They didn’t see Beyoncé for two days, but when they did, her dog cuddled up to her. She is giving her dog seizure medications three times a day in hopes of bringing down the inflammation around the tumor. Then, in just a few weeks, the radiation treatment will begin.

Nicole Franzel-Arroyo said they canceled their planned family vacation to remain by their beloved dog’s side. According to the Big Brother star, little Beyoncé is the only friend who has been with her through “heartbreaks, graduations, tv appearances, getting married, moving homes, becoming a mom, and every little thing between.”

Please help send your best wishes to Nicole Franzel-Arroyo from Big Brother during this tough time. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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