‘My 600-lb Life’ David Nelson SHOCKS With Weight Loss Update

David Nelson From My 600-lb Life, TLC, Sourced From tlc uk YouTube

My 600-lb LIfe Season 10 introduced David Nelson. He appeared on the show weighing 763 pounds. He was struggling to perform any basic tasks, and his condition was only getting worse. The Idaho native had a difficult childhood as well. He was raised in a foster care system and experienced a situation where he barely had anything to eat.

Due to this, he resorted to food as his source of happiness when he got himself a stable income, which ultimately led to his obesity. Fortunately, he sought Dr. Now’s help before it was too late, and he’s looking unrecognizable today. Keep reading to see his shocking transformation.

My 600-lb Life: David Nelson’s Weight Loss Journey

David had a rough start with Dr. Now. He’s one of the heaviest patients that the show has featured. Because of this, Dr. Now had to put him on a strict diet program. It was also a difficult adjustment for the My 600-lb Life star, as he’s been overweight since middle school. It was revealed that he ballooned to 250 pounds during middle school and faced mental health issues.

David Nelson From My 600-lb Life, TLC, Sourced From tlc uk YouTube
David Nelson From My 600-lb Life, TLC, Sourced From tlc uk YouTube

He even had suicidal thoughts. But Dr. Now helped him get through his struggles. David eventually dropped 115 pounds during the show. He parted ways with Dr. Now at 608 lbs. He also kept in touch with the fans regarding his journey, and he’s looking much better today.

 David Shocks With New Weight Loss Clip

In an Instagram post, David shared a new clip of himself walking down the street. According to the My 600-lb Life star, he’s currently at 386 pounds. He lost over 200 pounds after the show, and he’s aiming for better results. His IG bio states that he’s trying to reach 250 lbs, and it may only take a matter of time before he achieves it. Meanwhile, some fans were impressed by David Nelson’s progress.



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  • “Looking great David! Keep it up.”
  • “Keep up the good work David your face is starting to look thinner so proud of you enjoy your father’s day with your dad.”
  • “I’m proud of you, I wish you a happy Father’s Day, you’re very well.”
  • “WTG David. So proud of you.”
  • “You’re doing great David! Nice to see!”

My 600-lb Life: David Nelson Continues To Stay Positive

David has also been positive on social media, implying that he was able to win over his depression. In May, the My 600-lb Life star uploaded a clip with his friend months after recording a Where Are They Now? episode. According to David Nelson, he’s feeling great with his physical goals so far. His friend has also been supportive of his journey, showing that he now has a good support system.


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