‘My 600-lb Life’ Lonnie Hambrick Shocks With Unrecognizable Update

Lonnie Hambrick From My 600-lb Life, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube

My 600-lb Life star Lonnie Hambrick is one of the most inspirational patients of Dr. Now. He appeared in Season 8, weighing 613 pounds. He was with his brother, John Hambrick, during the program, who also weighed 687 lbs. However, Lonnie made significant progress over the years compared to his brother. He has kept in touch with the fans regarding his physical journey, and many were surprised by how he looked today. Keep reading to see his massive transformation.

My 600-lb Life: Lonnie Hambrick’s Weight Loss Journey

Lonnie had a great support system, which resulted in positive outcomes during his weight loss journey. His brother was always by his side, motivating him as they both pursued the same goals. Lonnie quickly lost enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery. The My 600-lb Life star was able to drop 245 pounds in just 12 months, bringing him down to 368 lbs. But Lonnie’s journey didn’t stop there, as he continued to work on himself after the show.

Lonnie Hambrick From My 600-lb Life, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube
Lonnie Hambrick From My 600-lb Life, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube

Lonnie Shocks With 2024 Update

Earlier this month, Lonnie took to social media to share a shirtless clip of himself during his sauna. The My 600-lb Life star showed off his body during the clip, and many were impressed by the progress he had made.



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He still has some excess skin all over his body. But he clarified that he doesn’t mind having them, implying that he no longer needs surgery to remove them. Many of his posts today also show that he’s now able to wear any clothes he wants. Lonnie Hambrick has yet to share his current weight. But it seems that he’s still pursuing physical goals despite dropping so much over the years.

  • “I’m very proud of you!! That IS amazing what you’ve done. The people I’ve known that have had the surgery, unfortunately, like you said, did end up gaining quite a bit back. You should be so proud of yourself!!!”
  • “You look incredible. Keep it up friend.”
  • “Loved your story and am so proud of you! So happy to see you happy and living your best life. Thanks for continuing to share! You’re an inspiration!”
  • “It is very stinkin amazing !! YOU are amazing!!”

My 600-lb Life: Lonnie Hambrick’s Latest Career Move

Some Redditors also react to Lonnie’s latest hustles online. The My 600-lb Life star is now doing advertisements for a clothing brand on TikTok. According to some, they’re glad that his life is now heading in a positive direction. However, others couldn’t help but worry, as he looked too thin. Several commenters speculate that he may be suffering from anorexia, which is an eating disorder and serious mental health condition.


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  • “I think he has lost too much weight; he looks anorexic here. I absolutely understand how that can happen, after loosing hundreds of pounds.”
  • “He looks extremely thin – width of his torso, arm, face. That wouldn’t be affected by loose skin. I hope these are filters and he’s eating enough and is healthy.”
  • “Good for him!! he’s made a huge change in his life lol if he wants to make that money. More power to him lol I love his videos he cracks me up because he literally just rambles.”
  • “Guy looks so under weight.”

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