‘My 600-lb Life’ Fan Shares Surprise Run In With Dr. Nowzaradan

Dr. Now From My 600-lb Life, Sourced From @younannowzaradan Instagram

My 600-lb Life star Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, also known as Dr. Now, is one of the most successful stars in TLC today. He currently has 12 seasons on his reality show, performing bariatric surgeries for people dealing with severe obesity. The 79-year-old has made quite a reputation due to the patients he took, and it seems he’s as big behind cameras. Keep reading to see fans’ stories about their run-in with the bariatric surgeon at a huge event.

My 600-lb Life: How’s Dr. Now Today?

Dr. Now has been keeping in touch with the fans following the finale of Season 12. Many of his posts today are about tips for living a healthy life. The My 600-lb Life star has also been endorsing a new weight loss show regarding teens, Quarter Ton Teen. However, he won’t be participating in the show.

Dr. Now From My 600-lb Life, Sourced From @younannowzaradan Instagram
Dr. Now From My 600-lb Life, Sourced From @younannowzaradan Instagram

Dr. Now also uses Instagram as a platform to spread awareness about the growing cases of child obesity in the U.S. Furthermore, he’s been thankful for all the support he’s been receiving. In February, Dr. Now held a meet-and-greet at his office, where he signed books and took photos with his fans.

Fan Shares Run-In With Dr. Now At Huge Event

Some My 600-lb Life fans on Reddit react to a fan’s interaction with Dr. Now at a huge event. According to the poster, they crossed paths with Dr. Now at the American Society for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery and took the opportunity to interview him. Dr. Now gave his signature greetings to his fans.

Moments later, Dr. Now expressed his happiness about the new technologies being presented at the annual conference, which would make surgeries more efficient. He even mentioned the future of robotic surgeries. Several commenters were left in awe by how approachable Dr. Now is in public.

  • “I adore this man! “How yall doin?””
  • “The man, the myth, the legend.”
  • “I love it!! Dr. Now is so cute!!”
  • “The best reality tv star, even if you loathe that type of television.”
  • “Love Dr now he’s looking good hopefully it’s been a fun week in San Diego!”
  • “Dr. Now is a saint. He deals with the worst patients and stays encouraging. But even he has his limits. Dr. Tough Love!”

My 600-lb Life: Dr. Now To Hang Up His Scalpel?

There have been speculations that Dr. Now is on his way to retirement after Season 12. The rumors began when viewers noticed the changes in the My 600-lb Life star’s movements. However, he still shows dedication to helping his patients, and some people think he may end up as a consultant when he stops performing surgery.

Dr. Now From My 600-lb Life, Sourced From @younannowzaradan Instagram
Dr. Now From My 600-lb Life, Sourced From @younannowzaradan Instagram

Meanwhile, many people believe that Dr. Now deserves to enjoy his life at the age of 79. TLC has yet to share if they will renew the show for a 13th season. But they’ve already completed the episodes for the spinoff, Where Are They Now? in which Dr. Now’s patients from the past seasons share updates about their weight loss journey.

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