‘Today’ Al Roker Excited To Spend First Father’s Day As Pop-Pop

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Al Roker is preparing to celebrate a milestone this Father’s Day. The Today weatherman became a grandfather in July 2023, and this will be his first year celebrating Father’s Day with his granddaughter Sky. Continue reading to see what Al Roker says the “best part” is.

Today Dads Talk About What It Means To Be A Father

Today does a special segment for both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. In May, the women of Today sat down and shared a meal together. During their conversation, they talked about how wild their mom’s night out can get. They also spoke about what a joy it is to be a mother.

For Father’s Day, the news talk show hosted a similar event for the dads. Al Roker sat down with the other fathers on the show, Carson Daly, Willie Geist, and Craig Melvin. The guys met at a local restaurant called Lucali in Brooklyn and got to talking about what it means to them to be a dad.

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“I think there’s something old school about being a dad,” said Willie Geist. He has two children, a son George, and a daughter Lucie.

He continued, “You want to, in their eyes, be the hero. And showing that kind of vulnerability … maybe you feel like that puts a little bit of a dent in that. But I think it’s so important to do it and reveal that life is not all perfect. Things come up along the way. You are vulnerable.”


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Al Roker Shares What He Think The Best Part Of Father’s Day Is

Al Roker spoke up, talking about how difficult it has been to allow his children to see that he is not invincible. “Because that’s how, kind of, our dads were,” he said. “It’s OK to ask for help, whether it’s mental health, physical health, whatever, because if they see you do it, then you’re giving them permission to do it.”

Today fans will remember that Al Roker spent an extended period of time in the hospital due to life-threatening blood clots in November 2022. That experience changed how he approached being a dad.

AL Roker and granddaughter Sky - Instagram
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Then Al opened up about what the best part of Father’s Day is this year. “The best part of Father’s Day this year is that I’m a grandfather,” he said. This prompted a toast around the table. All four men clinked their glasses together and clapped for Al.

The Today weatherman admitted that previously he didn’t understand other people’s obsessions with their grandkids, but now he gets it completely. “This kid hits, and it’s like ‘Oh my God,'” he said. “It’s pure joy. There’s no responsibility, other than you want them to be safe and happy. I don’t have to teach her anything.”

Courtney Roker Laga is the mother of Al Roker’s granddaughter Sky Lara. The Today Show co-host shares daughter Courtney with his ex-wife Alice Bell. He also has two other children, Nick and Leila, with his current wife Deborah Roberts.

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