Al Roker Describes Final Moments Before Loved One’s Death

Al Roker on TODAY | YouTube

When Al Roker appears on TODAY, he usually reports the weather or discusses current events happening around the city. However, this week, he had something more personal to talk about. Al had to say goodbye to his best friend. Al also explained what he did with his friend right before his death.

Here is what Al Roker told his fans about his best friend’s passing.

Al Roker Explains Best Friend’s Last Moments

Al Roker announced this week on TODAY that he lost his best friend. Al has dealt with his own health issues, from blood clots to more. He always had people by his side, and his wife, Deborah Roberts, was with him every step of the way. He also had his best friend by his side, but he is now gone.

Al Roker-YouTube
Al Roker-YouTube

Al announced that his beloved dog, Pepper, had passed away. Pepper died on Monday, June 10, at 12 years old. He said he had gotten Pepper after she was born and that he and Deborah had to say goodbye to the dog. “While our hearts are heavy, they are also fuller because of all the love she bestowed on everyone who got to meet her,” he said.

Al then explained what he did with Pepper before she died.

Al said that Pepper had surgery and they were given a couple of more weeks with her before she died. He said he wanted to make the best of the rest of the time with the dog and set out to play with her one last time.

“I started flinging the Frisbee to her and it was like she was back to being a puppy. And she was just like happy and running. She was going full tilt,” Al said. Pepper was running and playing in the grass with the frisbee. “So we got that gift, and she was a gift for 12 years,” he said.

Al Roker & Deborah Remember Pepper

Al Roker took it hard and didn’t reveal any more information about Pepper’s death. Deborah also posted a sweet goodbye to their beloved dog.

Deborah post about Pepper
Deborah post about Pepper | Instagram

“She arrived on my birthday,” Deborah remembers. “Wasn’t even supposed to be ours. The rescue coordinator had promised the perfect pup for us. A beautiful mop looking mutt who would be gentle with kids.”

She said that Nick didn’t like dogs, but when Pepper jumped into his lap, she won him, over. She said that when Pepper pooped under the Christmas tree, it grossed everyone out, but the “unconditional love affair had begun.” She said Pepper was her “shadow” and was always by her.

“Today I woke up to a world without her. A quiet house. Her toys and beds …still. No wagging tail. Yet, Her warmth still lingering,” Deborah finished

Please help send your best wishes to Al Roker and Deborah on the loss of their beloved dog, Pepper.

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