Carson Daly Reveals Trouble Blake Shelton Caused On ‘The Voice’

Blake Shelton and Carson Daly

Carson Daly recently revealed the trouble Blake Shelton caused on The Voice. The show recently revealed the four coaches who will be in the red chairs next season. Fans were hoping that Blake Shelton was going to return. However, that may never be the case. The host, Carson, wanted fans to know what challenges they had to face due to Blake. Keep reading to find out more.

Four Coaches Announced

The Voice has revealed who is going to be the four coaches in the next season of the show. There are two new coaches and two familiar faces that will be returning. Michael Bublé and Snoop Dog are going to try their hand at coaching next season. Fans are curious to see how this is going to play out. Reba Mcintire will be returning to the show. Some fans are not happy about that. However, there is another coach who will be returning that fans did not like. Gwen Stefani is going to be back on the show. Although fans did not like that she was returning, they hoped this meant Blake would return in the future due to them being married.

Blake Shelton - The Voice - YouTube
Blake Shelton – The Voice – YouTube

The Trouble Blake Shelton Caused

Carson Daly revealed the trouble Blake Shelton caused on The Voice. It seems his exit made it hard for them. 

“To try and succeed in a post-Blake Shelton world — he was the least known star when we started, yet ironically got the biggest bounce from the show and left the biggest star of anybody on the panel. Arguably, he will go down as one of the biggest stars in the history of NBC as a network, as a TV star. I mean, The Voice is really part sitcom hidden as a singing competition. And a lot of that’s because the personality of Blake and Adam [Levine]. He’s been sort of at the epicenter of our paneling. So in a post-Blake world, that’s where Reba McEntire comes in.”

Blake did not cause trouble in a bad way necessarily. He just made it challenging to find someone as good as him.

CeeLo Green, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton - NBC
CeeLo Green, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton – NBC

It seems Blake was a popular judge, and they did not know how they were going to replace him. However, they could not expect him to stay on the show forever. With Gwen coming back to the show, it is possible Blake may return in the future. If not as a coach, maybe he will return as a mentor for his wife’s team. What do you think about it all? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. I liked Ceelo, Christina, and bring back Legend. I didn’t care for Levine or Shelton on the Voice. They always seem to be throwing remarks at each other. I never liked Levine’s singing voice and Shelton just could not sing to satisfy me. These two seemed at odds against each other. The Voice has had many good judges and I could not understand why the judges were being changed. I say, If something works, leave it alone.

      1. me and my husband watched from the beginning couldn’t wait for the next season. I love Blake he’s so funny Gwen not so much she’s just not my style and I don’t care for her music but to each their own. my hubby passed in 2023 and Blake to left and I haven’t watched since. if Blake came. back I would probably watch again. if not then I guess I’m done.

        1. I like the show. It’s about the kids and I try not to forget that. The chairs have been fine for me Blake and Alan are a hoot! when they left I was really sad but shit happens, like my dad said. they have all been fine for me. They have pulled out some talent. Name of the game!

          1. Don’t want Gwen to come back she is not a good coach and the way she dresses is a terrible distraction from the singers. I love Reba but not so sure about her coaching on this show.
            John legend will be missed he is very professional and so talented

  2. I watched The Voice in the beginning, but quit watching after they started changing coaches. I thought Blake and Adam were hilarious, but then Adam left and I read so many negative things about him in the press I was done with him. I came back to the show when Nick Jonas came on as a coach. I ended up falling in love with Blake because he is so funny & I liked his comradie with Nick. I stayed with the Voice after Nick left for all the rest of the seasons until Blake left. I did stay the next year after Blake left to watch Reba, but quit watching after that. People are terribly rude and judgmental so I do not care about their negative comments. I love Blake and I love Gwen & their marriage is their business. I used to love when the stars sang together and sang with their singers. That wasn’t happening much anymore so I missed that. If Blake should come back on I will return to watch him, even if he’s a mentor. Again, I love him!

  3. I love Gwen! She may be a bit different maybe a diva but she’s a superstar in my eyes. sometimes her fashion choices are not my style or to my liking but she trues loves her teams and has a HUGE HEART! She’s beautiful! 🩷💜🩷

  4. I love.Blake When he was on the show I think it was a lost when.Blake left now John League is leaving another great loss. the Voice producers need tobring both of them back to the show

  5. If Gwen Stefani is coming back, then I will be switching to American Idol. she represents fake so I will not waste any of my time on her.

  6. I admit this was the first Voice segment we did not watch. The only judge worth watching is John Legend, a truly talented and classy singer and composer. As far as I’m concerned Dolly is the queen of country, Reba has never been a fan favorite. Blake Shelton is the reason we watched and enjoyed the show over the years. I hope Adam will return occasionally too. The upcoming segment we probably won’t watch either due to Reba’s return.

    1. I agree with the people the voice is not the same with out Blake Shelton and I didn’t care for reba either and I was not happy with Dan and shay I didn’t even bother to watch the last few shows we should all stop watching the voice proving that Blake Shelton was the best judge there was and that they need to pay him more money and bring him back because Dan and shay set it up for Karen to loose

  7. I have to disagree, Blake and Adam brought entertainment to the Voice, I think Blake has hit duets with 4 different coaches! you never know what the oklahoma country boy was gonna say at any given time, but you could bet it would be funny, and family friendly, I think sometimes a person just needs a break from everything!!

  8. I LOVE GWEN. She is a beautiful girl and I was hoping that her hubby would come back to the Voice with her. I will also miss JOHN LEGEND NEXT SEASON.

  9. we aren’t judging the judges it’s the folks that are trying to advance their careers . I’ve watch from day one and I think they have all did great .Can’t wait for it to start again . I love Michael B. I haven’t seen Snoop be a judge but he’s funny I’ve warch him when he’s on with Martha Stewart they are great friends lot of comradery together . let’s take time to be kind folks . And it’s not the shows fault the judges leave . you can’t keep them on any longer then they want to be on . They have a life to live and they still have their careers . They have all been great .

  10. I love the voice. Starting out it’s all based on the contestants voice nothing else. I do really miss Blake being a coach. I love his music and his antics on the show. That being said, I am so happy for Gwen and him!! They both deserve happiness and to me their happiness truly shines!! With Gwen being a coach next season I do hope she brings Blake in as a mentor.

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