‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Shocks With Birthday Engagement?

Farrah Abraham- YouTube

Did Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham just shock the world and her followers with a birthday engagement? She posted some snaps to her Instagram stories that led some fans to question if the question had been popped. So, what is going on? Keep reading for more details.

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Shocks With Birthday Engagement?

Farrah Abraham is one of the more controversial Teen Mom cast members. She has had multiple questionable plastic surgeries. Then, she allowed her young daughter, Sophia, now 15, to get multiple facial piercings as well as experiment with dark purple and black hair colors. Farrah did go on Bunnie XO’s Dumb Blonde podcast to defend her choice to let Sophia be a free spirit. She would rather her daughter get piercings and do things such as that than anything else dangerous or rebellious. Still, people have judged her and her parenting as well as who she is dating.

Farrah Abraham-YouTube
Farrah Abraham-YouTube

Now, it appears she may have found her forever with her current boyfriend. Fans feel they may have spotted a clue that he popped the question on her birthday, May 31st. Farrah shared a series of ring photos on her Instagram stories with the song, “The Boy Is Mine” by Ariana Grande playing. A Reddit thread has been started to discuss this possibility:

  • It looks like Farrah got engaged on her Birthday trip🤔

The OP proceeded to share photos from the day starting with Farrah holding her man’s hand:

Farrah Abraham-Instagram/Reddit
Farrah Abraham-Instagram/Reddit

She is prominently showing off her ring finger and in the next photo, she has her left hand pressed against her man’s chest.

Farrah Abraham-Instagram/Reddit
Farrah Abraham-Instagram/Reddit

However, some fans questioned if Farrah Abraham was truly engaged as this did not look like a real engagement ring. Or, even a promise ring at that. Plus, she is the kind that has bought her own ring in the past:

  • With that tiny a** ring? I don’t believe it lol
  • She wouldn’t settle for a tiny ring
  • With THAT ring ?? I refuse to believe this for a second lmfao
  • Oh my god what is that?! What is that!!!!?

Take Jabs, While You’re At It

As the former Teen Mom star showed off the ring, engagement, promise, or otherwise, she took time to take a jab at Amber Portwood. Her fiance, Gary Wayt, went missing shortly after he proposed but has been spotted in a few places since. However, in the last slide on her Instagram stories, Farrah Abraham shared how Gary was missing. Then, above that, she wrote: “HOW DO I GET OUT OF AN ENGAGEMENT…GO MISSING….”

Do you think that Farrah is actually engaged or is this just an attempt to keep her relevant? More so, should she have said anything about Amber’s fiance? Finally, is this the one for Farrah? Let us know in the comments below.

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