‘Teen Mom’ Fans Praise Farrah Abraham’s Parenting Amid Amber Backlash

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Teen Mom fans are praising show alum Farrah Abraham’s parenting amid backlash toward Amber Portwood. She was recently slammed for calling her daughter, Leah names at her birthday dinner. So, what are viewers saying about Farrah versus Amber? Keep reading for more details.

Teen Mom Fans Praise Farrah Abraham’s Parenting Amid Amber Backlash

Farrah Abraham has been criticized for her own issues. Fans think that she has gone too far with plastic surgery and does not care about how she portrays herself. She has also allowed her teenage daughter, Sophia to get multiple piercings for different birthdays. Additionally, Sophia’s hair is different shades of purple and black and has been since a young age. So, some followers do not know if Farrah has been setting her daughter up for disaster. At the same time, she has been very proactive with Sophia and shared she would rather give in to piercings and hair color than have her daughter rebel.

Sophia, Farrah Abraham - Instagram
Sophia, Farrah Abraham – Instagram

Now, Teen Mom: The Next Chapter has returned and Amber Portwood was not too kind to her daughter, Leah. She showed up late for her 15th birthday and proceeded to call her daughter a “d*ck.” This led fans and co-stars to shame Amber. Some even said Jenelle Evans was a better parent than Amber and now, a Facebook posting made its way to Reddit. It noted how Farrah was actually far superior to Amber, as well.

Amber Portwood, Sophia, Farrah Abraham-Facebook/Reddit
Amber Portwood, Sophia, Farrah Abraham-Facebook/Reddit

They pointed out how Farrah fully supports Sophia and is always present whereas Amber is awkward and rude. She calls Leah names and when she does show up for her daughter, she makes it all about her. Amber was actually mad because Leah did not care about her mother’s new boyfriend. So, did Teen Mom fans agree?

  • I mean.. the bar is in H*LL for these moms. They’re all the worst of the worst.
  • The one thing Farrah seemingly excels at is accepting her child.
  • It is just a different type of abuse. Apples and oranges, but both rotten
  • No. They can both be terrible mothers

The Same Person

In the end, Teen Mom fans felt that Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham were one and the same. The only difference was that Farrah was more present now and accepted Sophia. As for Amber, she is absent and when she is around, she does not care what her daughter has to say. Rather, she wants to talk about her life and then proceeds to insult Leah. It was noted how Farrah had no interest in Sophia when she was little. Now that she is older, things have changed but they seem to both have issues.

Do you think one mom is better than the other or are they in a tie? Let us know in the comments and watch Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Thursdays on MTV.

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