Farrah Abraham’s Daughter, Sophia, Is Unrecognizable

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Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham’s daughter, Sophia, 14, is unrecognizable in her latest clip. The teenager has been allowed to color her hair and get facial piercings. Clearly, not everyone agrees with Farrah’s decision to let Sophia do these things. Yet, she defends what she allows her to do. So, what caught so many off guard this time? Read on for more details.

Farrah Abraham’s Daughter, Sophia, Is Unrecognizable

For years, Farrah Abraham has been known for changing her face, body, and her hair. She has become unrecognizable, even to the trained eye. Many do not even know who she is anymore, feeling she has gone too far with the procedures. Yet, she is an adult and it is her choice what she has done. More so, she did document a lip surgery gone wrong which was an interesting moment in time. Now, fans cannot get over how different her daughter, Sophia looks. They first met her on 16 & Pregnant when Farrah was expecting her baby girl.

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However, as she grew up, Farrah allowed Sophia to express herself by getting her septum pierced as well as snakebites. They were birthday gifts plus she has colored her hair and shagged it out, very punk rock which is her vibe. A recent Reddit thread featured a TikTok video where Sophia and her mother were answering questions. One had to do with whether or not Sophia had to take out her piercings at school. She was donning black and purple hair, long black nails, and very dark makeup.

Though Sophia tried to speak and explain that she does not go to a public school, Farrah Abraham kept interjecting. Yet, one person could not believe that was Sophia: “Waitttt!!!!! Is that Sophia? Where have I been? Omg!” Others noted how she had vampire fang nails which is a new popular style. Finally, it was also hard for fans of Teen Mom to see Sophia all grown up but many actually had a positive response to her style. They even were somewhat positive toward Farrah which is quite the contrast from the usual.

A Great Bond

Some Redditors actually applauded Farrah Abraham for letting Sophia be herself and express who she wanted to be. They believed that she was actually well-adjusted and had always been pretty smart. More so, they liked the bond that the two of them had even though Sophia clearly was tired of her mother at times. However, that is just typical teen behavior. So, even if Sophia is unrecognizable, she is growing up but she seems to be doing quite well and that is all that matters in the long run.

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