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Farrah Abraham Crosses Uncomfortable Line With Sophia

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Farrah Abraham crossed an uncomfortable line with her daughter Sophia. Once again, Teen Mom fans are going after her for her parenting abilities. Farrah’s parenting has already been questionable at best among critics and fans alike. There have been concerns about her 13-year-old daughter growing up too fast.

Fans slam Farrah Abraham once again

Most fans already feel that Sophia is too young to have her own Instagram account. Farrah took it one step further by allowing her daughter to have a subscription service. She also came up with an idea of what Sophia could sell. She took to her Instagram Stories to share a conversation they just had about her daughter’s Instagram account.

Farrah Abraham Looks Unrecognizable With Black Hair [Farrah Abraham | Instagram Stories]
[Farrah Abraham | Instagram Stories]
“One thing I’ve had enough of is Sophia talking to me about her feet and asking me, like, if she could post her feet for her subscribers,” Farrah Abraham said in the shocking clip. “And, honestly, she showed me a picture of her feet in socks. Who cares this much about feet?”

Sophia accused her mother of being obsessed with feet. The Teen Mom OG alum corrected her and said that she’s not into feet photos. Farrah only sells feet pictures on her OnlyFans account. She concluded her video with the following message: “But, like, who cares? I love my feet. Thank God it’s Friday.”

Farrah Abraham & Sophia [Farrah Abraham | Instagram Stories]
[Farrah Abraham | Instagram Stories]
The clip ended up on a Teen Mom Reddit thread. Fans took shared their input and most of them were shocked over Farrah’s inappropriate conversation with Sophia. Most are concerned for Sophia since her mom works in the adult industry. They hope that she doesn’t push Sophia in that direction.

  • “This is horrific. Oh my god.”
  • “This is so very disturbing!”
  • “It’s different if it’s a pic and your feet are in the shot, but just posting pics of a minor’s feet is foul. She’s already gotten in trouble for including Sophia in videos posted on OF.”
  • “This is so terribly sad.”
  • “This is so disturbing. First of all, your 13-year-old shouldn’t have subscribers. People should not be paying to access content of your child. I’m so worried about this poor kid.”

Teen Mom alum gets backlash of a different kind

Farrah Abraham posted her new look on Instagram. She looked unrecognizable with her newly-dyed jet-black hair that has bangs. She also looks darker than ever. Some fans on Reddit accused the former MTV star of “blackfishing.”

Farrah Abraham's New Look [Farrah Abraham | Instagram Stories]
[Farrah Abraham | Instagram Stories]
The reality star posted selfies of herself wearing a green furry jacket with a gray tight tank top and black leather pants. Farrah finished off the look with gold jewelry and a gray tweed belt. One fan called it her “worst look yet.” Another wrote: “So she’s black fishing. Can we all call a spade a spade?”

What are your thoughts on Farrah Abraham? Do you think she crossed an uncomfortable line with Sophia? Sound off below in the comment section.

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