‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’ Saylor Waldrop Hits Huge Milestone

Saylor Waldrop, Courtney Waldrop - Instagram

Sweet Home Sextuplets alum Saylor Waldrop, 15, is a far cry from when TLC fans knew him on the show, and he just hit a massive milestone. His mom, Courtney Waldrop showed her fierce side and she laid down the law. However, he seems a bit accident-prone, so that might account for it,

Saylor Waldrop Grew Up Into A Tall Young Man

Courtney Waldrop didn’t neglect to show her oldest son on TV or social media. He and the twins, Wales and Bridge didn’t really get shoved to one side in preference of the sextuplets. So, TLC fans got to know him quite well. Ever since the little kids arrived, he seemed like a caring older brother. Possibly, you recall him as a quiet but sweet boy who loved to play sports.

Saylor Waldrop - Courtney - Sweet Home Sextuplets
Instagram Courtney Waldrop

Unfortunately, Saylor Waldrop spends a lot of time at the ER from sporting injuries. He broke his nose very badly, but doctors corrected it. So, he’s still a handsome young man. TLC fans agree that one day he will be a heartbreaker. And, he’s getting to the age where girls might interest him.

Sweet Home Sextuplets’ Mom Lays Down The Law

On the weekend, Courtney Waldrop took to her Instagram and shared a huge milestone for her oldest son. The former TLC star posted a reel and fans could see he was driving a car. He wasn’t a happy young man because his mom laid down the law. That’s because his parents own more than one vehicle and she made him drive the bus.

Saylor Waldrop in 2021 with his twin brothers - Courtney Waldrop - Instagram
Saylor Waldrop in 2021 with his twin brothers – Courtney Waldrop – Instagram

In her caption about Saylor Waldrop, the Sweet Home Sextuplets star wrote:

Saylor refused to drive my bus but I made him yesterday…He prefers his daddy’s truck. I told him he didn’t have a choice…Get in the driver’s seat!! He did pretty good. I’m not prepareed to let him go on his o[w]n in 6 months

TLC fans can’t comment on stories, but it’s easy to tell that they admire the young man that he’s turned into. His dad Eric, and Courtney Waldrop raised him with immaculate good manners. For example, on Valentine’s Day, he looked so smart as he gave each sister and his mom a beautiful rose. Watch out for him, because aside from good manners, he seems destined for a career in professional baseball.

What are your thoughts about Saylor Waldrop’s huge milestone? Are you surprised that Courtney Waldrop is laying down the law about him driving alone? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here often for all your Sweet Home Sextuplets news.

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