Taylor Swift Has Weird Cramping On Stage, Is She OK?

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Taylor Swift had to stop a recent concert when she experienced some cramping. This seemed like a shocking moment, but Taylor smiled as she worked it out and continued with the show. While she has suffered through several setbacks in past shows, this was a first-time experience for her.

Here is a look at the moment her hand cramped up and what it could mean for the star.

Taylor Swift Suffers Hand Cramps In Recent Concert

Taylor Swift was performing at a concert during her world tour in Scotland, and she was singing the song “Would’ve Should’ve Could’ve” when she suddenly had to stop playing her guitar. Her hand had completely cramped up and was frozen in a “claw-like” position.

Taylor Swift-YouTube
Taylor Swift-YouTube

A fan recorded the moment on their phone and posted it to X from the show in Edinburgh, Scotland. In the video clip, Swift stopped playing her guitar and looked down at her hand. It was cramped in a strange position, and Swift seemed surprised at the situation.

“My hand is frozen in a weird cramp. This has never happened before; I’m really sorry,” she said as she tried to relieve the pain in her hand and loosen up the cramp. The singer joked she was “forming a claw,” and her fans laughed and cheered as she worked out the cramp in her hand.

Fans reacted to the moment, and some had some thoughts on what happened:

  • “Get that girl a banana & some water”
  • “I can relate and won’t play guitar outside below a certain temp. Mostly cause it’s bad for the instrument but also because the fingers/hands don’t work great in chilly weather.”
  • “I hope she gets some hand massages in between shows. Gotta prevent arthritis early on!”

What Can Cause A Hand To Cramp Like Taylor Swift?

This moment was not unusual because Taylor Swift often used her hands in her concerts. Hand spasms or cramps that cause hands to freeze up like this can be caused by overuse, often seen in repetitive motions like typing or playing musical instruments.

It can also be caused by dehydration, and cold weather can worsen it. Many things could contribute to it, including overuse, weather conditions, and possible dehydration during a long commute.

Luckily, Swift got the cramp worked out and finished her concert as planned.

What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift stopping her performance to work out a hand cramp in the middle of the show? Did she have the perfect reaction to keep fans involved? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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