‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner Focuses On Family After Divorce

Gerry Turner/Credit: ABC YouTube

Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner has possibly found the best way to get over heartbreak: spend time with those closest to you. He seems to have shifted his focus back to his family after splitting from final rose winner Theresa Nist.

Fans Turn On Golden Bachelor Star

Immediately after breaking the news in a TV interview that he was divorcing Theresa Nist, Golden Bachelor fans seemed to turn on Gerry Turner. Many blamed him for the quick split.

The couple had only married three months earlier after getting engaged on the November 2023 season finale. A quickie wedding even by Bachelor Nation stands.

Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner/Credit: ABC YouTube
Credit: ABC YouTube

To make matters worse, an explosive expose came out from the Hollywood Reporter in November that was widely ignored. Until the April divorce announcement. Then fans began to wonder if there was more to Gerry Turner meets the eye.

But nearly two months after the divorce announcement, it seems the tide of public opinion is shifting again. Golden Bachelor alums Susan Noles and Kathy Swarts recently threw their support to Gerry while throwing Theresa under the bus.

One fan recently defended him in a comment on one of his social media posts.

Why does everyone blame Gerry?? Theresa could have a big part in this break up too not just Gerry!

Gerry Turner Focuses On Family After Divorce

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist gave their respective families as the main reason for their divorce. While their blended family got along just fine, neither of the senior citizens wanted to move away from their comfort zone.

After they got engaged, the couple shared plans for them both to uproot their lives and move to South Carolina. However, those plans quickly changed to Gerry Turner moving to New Jersey where Theresa Nist lives near her daughter and grandchildren.

But before he could permanently make The Garden State his home, they abruptly ended their marriage. Gerry Turner doesn’t seem very heartbroken about that.

Credit: Gerry Turner Instagram
Credit: Instagram

He took to his social media over the holiday weekend to share a photo from the lake. The Golden Bachelor and some of his family, including grandkids, enjoyed some time on cruising the lake on a boat.

Family Feud

In a moment that is sure to make some awkward television, Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist taped an episode of Family Feud just before they split.

Credit: Gerry Turner Instagram
Credit: Instagram

ABC has yet to reveal when – or if! – the episode of the Steve Harvey-hosted game show will air.

What do you think of Gerry Turner focusing on his family during the difficult divorce? Sound off in the comments.

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