‘Mama June’ Confirms Weight Loss, How Much Has She Lost?

Mama June-YouTube

Mama June Shannon is confirming her weight loss but just how many pounds is she down exactly? She had started to use a weight loss drug and then switched to something else. Along with that, followers have criticized her for not looking any different. So, what does she have to say after trying this new method? Keep reading to see how much she has dropped.

Mama June Confirms Weight Loss, How Much Has She Lost?

It has been a rough road for Mama June and her weight. Though she had undergone weight loss surgery several years ago, she managed to gain a lot back. Some had to do with the pandemic and her recovery from drugs while she blamed the rest on her sick daughter. Yet, before Anna Cardwell had been diagnosed with stage 4 adrenal carcinoma, June sought the advice of a doctor. She wanted a weight loss surgery modification but he would not do it. He maintained she had to practice better eating habits before that could be a possibility.

Mama June-YouTube
Mama June-YouTube

She then shared she gained even more weight while caring for Anna. Several months after Anna passed, June decided that she wanted to get back into shape so she started to use weight loss drugs. Furthermore, she began hitting the gym, which her husband, Justin Stroud documented. She has since switched the medication she was using and is now giving an update on how much she has lost. Many fans do not think she has lost anything and looks exactly the same.


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Mama June now weighs 254.2 pounds after eight weeks and she says she is extremely proud of herself for that. One follower said this:

  • You don’t look like you’ve lost a pound

That was when June clapped back and said exactly how much she had lost and how much more she had to go:

  • I have lost 26 pounds all together I have about 72 lbs left to go

So, it seems that she is looking to lose around 100 pounds in total to be content, healthy, and happy.

Fans Are Not Convinced

Mama June Shannon has been asking for advice and recipes via social media to make this diet easier. However, as aforementioned, many do not believe that she is really losing anything:

  • She lying, people! She’s not losing weight! She’s eating junk…talking about adding protein. First thing out her mouth, I’m going to have hamburgers and whatever else. How about a taco salad or a bacon Cobb one? Give me a break…
  • Not working on you..
  • You have no clue how to do keto..you are waaaay overeating

Yet, others told June to ignore the naysayers and keep doing what she has been doing. Others are on the same journey and it is not easy by any means.

Are you proud of Mama June for how far she has come? Let us know in the comments below.

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