Ryan Seacrest Protects Himself, Has Shocking Criteria For Next Girlfriend

Ryan Seacrest | YouTube

Ryan Seacrest is single again, and it sounds like he will make it hard for any future girlfriends. While his last relationship just ended, Ryan is making it clear that he won’t just date anyone in the future. They not only have to pass muster with him personally but also have to pass background checks.

Here is what Ryan is looking for in future relationships.

Ryan Seacrest Plans Background Checks For Future Girlfriends

Ryan Seacrest is dating again after his breakup with Aubrey Paige Petcosky. He doesn’t seem too worried about the breakup and has returned to the dating world. Someone close to Seacrest leaked what the future Wheel of Fortune host has in mind for future options.

Ryan Seacrest-YouTube
Ryan Seacrest-YouTube

First, the insider said that Ryan had three things he was looking for in new girlfriends. “She must be young, pretty, and ambitious to a point,” the insider said (via Closer Weekly). That is disturbing enough in itself, as Seachret is 49 and turns 50 this year. It is unclear how “young” he wants his future girlfriends.

However, Ryan also plans to run background checks on any women before he agrees to date them. “Ryan’s insisting on background checks,” the insider revealed. “He’s not proud about it, but he feels they’re necessary to protect himself.”

Ryan is worth $450 million. The insider said if any woman has a record where they lied about a job or has a criminal conviction or lawsuit, Ryan won’t even take the chance. “Just because someone said they graduated from Harvard doesn’t make it true. He wants it verified.”

Ryan Seacrest Ready To Join Wheel Of Fortune

Ryan Seacrest is ready to join as its new host this September. Pat Sajak ends his run on the show this next Friday. After a summer break, Ryan will join Vanna White on the long-running game show when it returns for the new season.

Ryan Seacrest on American Idol / YouTube

Many fans are not happy that Ryan has replaced Pat. However, someone had to step in because Sajak felt it was time to retire, and he earned that right. As for Seacrest, he said this was full circle for him because it was one of the first soundstages he ever walked onto when he first showed up in Hollywood.

“No one can ever do what Pat has done. He is incredible. He has made that show just something so very special for so long, and he has done such a seamless, remarkable job, so no one can be him,” Ryan said. “I hope to do a great job as well.”

What are your thoughts on Ryan Seacrest’s plans when choosing his next girlfriend? Is it important for him to protect himself or too much? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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