‘Million Dollar Listing’ Tracy Tutor Huge Weight Loss Worries Fans

'Million Dollar Listing' Tracy Tutor | YouTube

Tracy Tudor was in the new trailer for Million Dollar Listing Season 15. As expected, when some fans watched the trailer, they didn’t want to talk about the new season. They chose to judge many of the show’s stars, specifically Tracy. The biggest complaint was that she had lost a lot of weight. Some even accused her of plastic surgery.

This isn’t the first time fans have passed judgment on Tracy, and she usually lets fans have it right back at them.

Tracy Tudor Shows Off Dramatic Weight Loss On Million Dollar Listing

The new Million Dollar Listing trailer hit and Tracy Tudor showed off her incredible weight loss. She was already a fit woman, but she had gotten even smaller. This has some fans thinking there is something wrong with her. Others accused her of plastic surgery.

'Million Dollar Listing' Tracy Tutor | YouTube
‘Million Dollar Listing’ Tracy Tutor | YouTube

Several trolls arrived in the comments to insult Tracy, who had worked hard to improve her health by losing weight.

  • “Ozempic Ozempic Ozempic!! Very excited for the new season!!”
  • “Their faces look so bad, FFS.”
  • “She’s just imitating a Kardashian, I preferred her before”

No one will believe that she did it right, no matter what she says. However, she really doesn’t care. In a previous photo she released on Instagram (via Meaww), a fan commented that she used too much Botox. Tracy responded by saying, To be clear… I have not had any plastic surgery on my face. And to be abundantly clear, if I wanted to get plastic surgery, who the hell [are] you to judge what makes me feel better about myself. Thx and goodnight.”

Tracy Tutor Lost Weight With Diet & Exercise

Tracy Tudor has been very public about losing weight and keeping it off. It is all about dieting and strength training. She didn’t need miracle diet drugs and instead just worked hard, which some fans refuse to accept.

In an interview with BravoTV.com, Tracy said she used a constant workout regimen and improved eating habits, significantly changing her body. She loves to lift weights. “I lift 3-4 days a week, and I do pilates the other two, and it’s absolutely changed my body,” Tracy said.

She admitted that her body has morphed and changed over the last five years. She also said that, along with weight training and dieting, she likes to change her appearance. “I do love to change up my look a lot,” she said. “I’m a little bit sporty, a little bit sexy, and a little bit business.”



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What are your thoughts on the Tracy Tutor changes? Do you think the Million Dollar Listing star has lost too much weight, or do you appreciate her changes to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Any significant weight loss is suspect, now. Especially since Tracy was already lifting weights and working out all the time with her former boyfriend. Tracy has the money and lives in LA – a culture where plastic surgery and drugs are readily available for the rich. And the more money you have, the greater the competition to be ultra fit and beautiful – even though many of the women end up with the same cookie cutter, Barbie doll, appearance. It’s actually no one‘s business, but you can’t blame people for making the assumption.

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