‘Million Dollar Listing L.A.’ Star Tracy Tutor Was Shocked To Learn She Had COVID-19

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Million Dollar Listing L.A. star Tracy Tutor revealed her coronavirus diagnosis. The real estate agent and her new boyfriend tested positive for COVID-19. This came as a shock to Tracy since she was asymptomatic, which means she felt fine. She didn’t exhibit the common symptoms associated with the virus.

As the global pandemic continues, Tracy Tutor revealed she contracted the virus several months ago. But she didn’t even know she had it at first. The Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles agent said that she and her new boyfriend, Erik Anderson, both had COVID-19 in the early days of the pandemic. But the couple didn’t find out until they underwent antibody tests weeks later.

Tracy Tutor makes shocking COVID-19 revelation

The Million Dollar Listing L.A. star appeared on Radio Andy’s Reality Checked, as per The Daily Dish. Tracy Tutor said that she and Erik Anderson both experienced the symptoms while on vacation.

“We went to Mexico together and we both had COVID and we didn’t know it,” the Bravo star said, as per People magazine. “When we got back and everybody was in full lockdown, we kind of looked at each other and said, ‘Well, let’s just stick together.'”

Tracy didn’t feel well, so she went to her doctor. But she didn’t qualify for a test because she didn’t exhibit the symptoms of COVID-19.


“This was kind of before everybody really knew what was going on,” Tracy explained.

She noticed that her symptoms went away after a few days. Once Tracy and Erik were able to receive antibody tests, they both realized they had coronavirus during their trip to Mexico.

“We both took two different antibody tests,” she admitted. Both Tracy and Erik tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies.

Million Dollar Listing star shows you how to safely work from home

Tracy Tutor is known for selling multi-million-dollar homes on Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles. In an interview with E! News, Tracy also revealed some of the simple ways that you can spruce up your home office even when you’re on a budget. According to Tracy, minimalism is key.

“It all starts with minimizing personal items,” Tracy explains. “People want to see themselves living in the house, not you living in the house. Taking away your personal items is the first thing any seller should do.”

Some of Tracy’s go-to items are coffee table books, canisters, candles, trinket boxes, throw pillows, and glass vases. Of course, if you want to add another book to your collection, there’s always Tracy’s book, which is called Fear is Just a Four-Letter Word Book. Her new book is available now and is a handbook for any woman struggling to get people to take her seriously. It’s the perfect read for the woman who wants to start her own empire.


“The most important thing is trusting your gut and honoring it,” Tracy said. “When it comes to any personal interaction, you have to first go with your gut and then fuel your response with emotion without letting it steer the ship. This is exactly how you become the most powerful version of yourself.”

If you want to switch up your work-at-home setting with a new Zoom background, then you can choose from one of the many properties featured on Million Dollar Listing from BravoTV.com.

Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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