Fans Shocked As Anna Duggar Breaks 2-Year Silence

Anna Duggar - TLC

Counting On alum, Anna Duggar last posted on X, formerly Twitter, two years ago when she celebrated being married to Josh Duggar for 14 years. The former TLC star stayed silent after that, until Thursday, May 30 and she stunned followers with what she posted about.

Fans Of Anna Duggar Have Been Worried About Her

This week, when the former TLC star surfaced on X, it became apparent that the many Counting On viewers who cared about her were snubbed. Ever since her husband was sent to prison for CSAM content, people wanted to save her from her sad life. However, some fans think that she cares more about politics.

Anna and Josh Duggar - Twitter
Anna and Josh Duggar – Twitter

Anna Duggar took to her X account and said:

Who knew it only took twelve votes to prematurely deliver the win for a presidential election?!?! #TrumpHasWon

Naturally many people felt shocked. They had hoped for other news, like a plan to divorce Josh Duggar. Rumors started up about that when Anna Duggar allegedly contacted a family attorney.

Counting On Fans Are Stunned On Silence-Breaking Post

A TLC viewer took to Reddit to share the post, and in the comments, it became clear that Counting On fans felt shocked. The OP wrote:

Hold up. This is what she comes back for?

Anna Duggar's silence-breaking Post via Reddit
Anna Duggar’s silence-breaking post via Reddit

The post arrived after the jury found Donald Trump “guilty on all 34 counts in the hush money trial,” – per CNN. In the comments, many people discussed what Anna Duggar had said. Clearly, a lot of people felt stunned. Here are some of their thoughts:

  • I can’t believe this is real….she really came back for this 😭 luckily she is already getting roasted in the replies.
  • “Here’s some notes from your husband, Josh’s trial: FBI on the stand – It includes an infant being tortured and was among the “most offensive” he had seen in his career.”
  • “ I guess you’re an expert on married men paying hush money to porn stars.” was one 💀
  • Apparently, she thinks she’s an expert on all married men who pay hush money to porn stars they’ve had sex with.
  • Ma’am, he’s not going to let Pest go because you tweeted for him.

Scandals Involving Josh Duggar

While Josh Duggar serves his 12-year, 7-month prison term for possession of sensitive content of abused children, other scandals happened. In 2015, a data breach revealed that Anna Duggar’s husband subscribed to the Ashley Madison website. If you don’t know, it catered to extra-marital affairs.

Josh Duggar
Facebook via

Counting On fans also heard about the allegations by adult actress, Danica Dillon. She claimed that the former TLC star caused her injuries during a solicited sexual encounter. And of course, the news about the molestation by Josh Duggar of his younger sisters went very public. That happened during his trial for the crimes that landed him in prison.

What are your thoughts about Anna Duggar breaking her long silence to talk about politics? She consistently ignored all those TLC fans who cared and worried about her. Are you shocked that she chose to support a man who allegedly treats women as sexual playthings? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Counting On news.

James Michael


  1. People are so stupid- they comment on law and are ignorant of the law and also think because Anna’s husband is a sick pervert that she is too- get over yourselves! Leave her alone, she’s had to be shackled to this horrible husband of hers, he’s in prison, she is not- let’s take a look at your lives!

  2. I wish Anna Duggar would read where GOD gave Moses a bill of divorcement for the VERY reason that Josh Duggar is in jail for!! I hope he stays there and not be able to hurt anyone else! Anna has suffered enough! Get out of this sick marriage while you can, Anna!! God has NEVER intended for marriage to be anything like this. Praying for you!!

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