‘MAFS’ Villain Chris Williams Admits To Being A Paid Actor?

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams

Married at First Sight cast member Chris Williams is one of the most memorable villains from the franchise, and not in a good way. Recently, he made a shocking confession about how he ended up on the show. So, what did he recently reveal?

Married At First Sight: Chris Williams Is One Of The Biggest Franchise Villains

As longtime Married at First Sight fans know, the franchise has produced some memorable villains over the years. One of those villains is Chris Williams from Season 12 in Atlanta. Chris was paired with Paige Banks on his season, and it was fairly obvious that these two would not make it for the long haul.

Making things worse, Chris Williams dropped the bomb on Paige Banks after being intimate with her that his attraction level wasn’t there. It was obvious to many Married at First Sight fans even back then that Chris was in it for all the wrong reasons, and based on a recent admission from him, there seems to have been a legitimate reason for that.

MAFS Chris Williams Paige Lifetime
Married at First Sight | Lifetime

MAFS: Fans Have Called Out Cast Members For Joining The Show For The Wrong Reasons

Particularly over the last few Married at First Sight seasons, viewers have called out participants for joining the show for the wrong reasons. It used to be that people joined the show hoping to find genuine relationships and a lasting marriage. However, it seems a lot of people have joined the show just to be on television or to boost their social following.

Even the experts have called out cast members for saying what they want to hear during the vetting process and then behaving in a completely different manner once the Married at First Sight cameras start rolling.

Because of this, Married at First Sight fans have called out production for doing things like recruiting people to be on the show. Some have even blasted the network for what they see as hiring paid actors to participate, all of which undermines the premise that began the show in the first place.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams
Married at First Sight: Chris Williams/YouTube

Married At First Sight: Chris Williams Makes Shocking Admission

MAFS cast member Chris Williams recently confirmed in a comment online what many fans have suspected for some time. In addition to brutally throwing his Lifetime match, Paige Banks, under the bus, Chris also revealed that he “was a paid actor.”

The Kinetic Content CEO recently dished that they barely pay cast members to be on the show. However, with Chris admitting that he was a “paid actor,” it’s clear he got on the show for clout, and to boost his social profile, because, according to the Kinetic Content boss, people are not signing up for the show for the money, adding that the pay is “almost nothing.”

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams
Married at First Sight: Chris Williams/Instagram

Either way, if true, this confirms what many Married at First Sight fans have suspected for some time. If the cast rosters include other paid actors like Chris, it’s no wonder the marriage success rate has been so awful. If what Chris recently said is to be believed, there’s also the bigger problem of how this practice undermines the entire premise of the show.

This is certainly more than enough to chew on with Married at First Sight Season 18 on the horizon.

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