‘MAFS’ Chris Williams Introduces Fans To His New Daughter

MAFS Chris Williams

MAFS Chris Williams hasn’t had the best reputation with the franchise. During his time on Season 12, he ended up choosing to support his ex-fiance who claimed to be pregnant over his new wife Paige Banks. The drama continued even after the season ended. Now, Chris and everyone involved has moved on and he is introducing his new daughter to the world. Keep reading to find out more.

MAFS Chris Williams introduces daughter to fans

MAFS alum Chris Williams shared new photos on Instagram introducing the world to his new daughter. Chris shared photos of his new daughter while leaning on his gorgeous white car.

His new daughter may not be what some think. Chris’ daughter actually has four legs. He captioned multiple photos saying, “Say hello to my new daughter!!! #DogDadLife #frenchbulldog”

Fans immediately started commenting on how adorable the new puppy is. Some wanted to know the puppy’s name. So far Chris has not shared that information.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams - Paige Banks
Married at First Sight: Chris Williams – Paige Banks

However, Chris may or may not be into people commenting on his new family member. Earlier today he shared an Instagram story in which he said, “Some people are so weird!!! Get a life! Stop stalking my page!”

Hopefully, Chris will share more photos of his new puppy soon.

The drama during his season

Throughout his time and even after his time on Married at First Sight, Chris had issues. He was seemingly still caught up on his ex-fiance, Mercedes. Plus, he admitted that he wasn’t attracted to his new wife Paige.

At one point, Chris went to the experts and said that Mercedes had contacted him and said she was pregnant. He felt somewhat obligated to be with her as he didn’t want someone else raising his child.

He was even called out by Pastor Cal for buying his ex a car while still being married to Paige. In fact, Chris didn’t seem to care at all about Paige’s feelings and he said he would not apologize for what he put her through.

In the end, Mercedes said she had a miscarriage. It made things even more complicated. However, months later he even accused his ex of faking the pregnancy completely.

When it came to decision day, they both had a hard time at first saying what needed to be said. In the end, Paige made the tough decision for them and said she wanted a divorce.




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  1. Is he on drugs? He’s 100% a horrible narcissistic jerk.. but so many times he acts high; words slurring, eyes gazing off.. he’s the WORST! his parents raised a spoiled little princess whose world revolves around himself and him only!

    1. Totally agree.. she absolutely dodged a bullet..He should’ve gone to therapy before getting involved with anyone. I hope he treats his dog better than his relationships. #selfish #narcissistic

  2. I really don’t want to reply. Don’t want this little man’s head to grow any larger. He will need someone…maybe his mommy…carry it around. Worst person ever on MAFS. He poisoned the show. Grow up little man.

  3. What in the hell! How did this person make it through the alienation process? Are the “experts”‘blind?!?!

    1. Watching this I don’t understand how he made it through the vetting process either. The fact that he was so recently engaged should have immediately disqualified him. The bachelor party really showcased how immature he is. His comments about Paige showed that he isn’t yet ready for a real relationship or a real woman. Paige truly is fortunate that she got away from him and I pity the woman that winds up with him. Guys like Chris are why there are so many traumatized women out there today.

  4. He’s talking about Paige’s face….omg, look at his oogly face. Paige is beautiful and she is absolutely too good for the jerk! Good riddance!

    1. I so agree with you… His eyes are droopy and the dent in his face before you get to that big nose across his ugly face. This dude is not ATTRACTIVE at all and he knows it but to make himself feel better he had the nerve to talk about Paige. And his body looked a mess need to work on his screwed up shape and stop wearing jeans because he looked a hot mess in every pair he put on with his awkward body.

      I couldn’t believe they called this woman a Dusty when he’s not attractive dude at all. His fat father was so inappropriate in talking to Paige the way he did and his mother sat there and said nothing.

      1. Yes I totally agree his father seemed slimy at the wedding, seen pastors like that before felt sick.I thought I was the only one who clicked that. Chris has all the talk but no sincerely actions totally insecure and immature. I think he liked being on tv and a Godly man does not swear like that especially to both Paige n pastor. It’s all about image, selfishness, his pride I hope he grows up and self reflect. You can repent but there has to be a change in your actions that’s true repentance.

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