‘BIP’ Alum Jade Roper Shares How She Coped With Miscarriage

Jade Roper/Credit: YouTube

BIP alum Jade Roper suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage in 2023. She opened up to a fan about how she coped with the loss of her son. Keep reading to see what advice she has for overcoming such a terrible experience.

A Missed Miscarriage

Bachelor Nation fans first met Jade Roper as a contestant on Season 19 of The Bachelor. Chris Soules sent her home in Week 8. She was on to join Season 2 of Bachelor In Paradise, where she met her future husband, Tanner Tolbert. They got engaged during the show’s season finale.

They married a year later, and their wedding aired on television as part of a celebration of the franchise’s 20th season. The Tolberts welcomed their first child, a daughter, in 2017. A son was born in 2019, followed by another son in 2020.

Jade Roper and family/Credit: Instagram
Jade Roper and family/Credit: Instagram

In August 2023, the Bachelor Nation star took to Instagram to share devastating news of the miscarriage of her fourth child, a son named Beau. What made her situation even more painful was that she was experiencing a “missed miscarriage,” meaning that her body had not yet recognized the pregnancy loss and was still carrying the baby.

Jade Roper bravely shared her emotional journey on social media, detailing the heartbreak and physical challenges she was facing. She described feeling “completely broken” and “forever changed” by the experience.

Jade Roper Shares How She Copes

The one-year mark since her miscarriage is rapidly approaching. The BIP alum continues sharing a raw and emotional look at her experience with pregnancy loss. One of her social media followers sought advice this week about how to cope with a miscarriage.

Jade replied that she let herself feel everything, including “the shock, the numbness, the pain that felt like an abyss inside myself. The anger and the denial.” She added that she felt “sorrowful gratitude” that she was pregnant with her son, even if it was for only a short time.

The mom-of-three also suggested online support groups and finding ways to honor the baby. For Jade, that meant buying a cake on what would have been Beau’s due date.

She revealed that she has more “good days” now than she did when the miscarriage first happened. However, she shared that there are still days when she cries uncontrollably over the devastating loss of her son. Jade Roper recently gave a subtle clue that she isn’t going to try to expand her family with another child.

Credit: Jade Roper Instagram
Credit: Jade Roper Instagram

Jade’s decision to publicly share her miscarriage experience and its aftermath is a powerful reminder that pregnancy loss is a common occurrence that affects many women. By opening up about her grief and healing process, she’s helping to break down the stigma surrounding this often taboo topic.

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