‘Teen Mom’ Mackenzie McKee Engaged, Details

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Teen Mom star Mackenzie McKee is engaged to her boyfriend, Khesanio Hall after a year and a half of dating. The two were recently featured on Family Reunion where couples came to hash out their issues. Some co-stars also had to attempt to make amends with one another. So, how did Khesanio pop the question and when is the big day? Keep reading for all of the details.

Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee Engaged, Details

Mackenzie McKee was a teen mother when she had her first child with her now ex-husband, Josh McKee. The two tied the knot in 2013, two years after they welcomed their first child, Gannon. They followed him with Jaxie and Broncs but unfortunately, the marriage did not last. They split in 2022 and the Teen Mom star found love with Khesanio Hall. The twosome showed how happy they were on the latest installment of Family Reunion, where she had to work out her issues with some cast members.

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After the reunion ended, Jade Cline was set to get married and some of the cast was tagging along. That will be featured on The Next Chapter, beginning Thursday, May 29th. However, there is some more exciting wedding news coming up as Mackenzie McKee just announced that she is engaged. According to Us Weekly, she had this to share:

“I got engaged last night. This is very, very new. It was a big surprise.”

The big event happened on Tuesday, May 28th with Mackenzie’s father and sisters in attendance. They made sure that they had been flown in just for that. Sadly, Mackenzie’s mother, Angie passed away in 2019 but Khesanio figured out a way to make her a part of the celebration.

“All the people I loved were here and everyone was crying and it was just, he made it very, very special. It means a lot to me.”

In a twist, Mackenzie shared that her ring is a touch golden but a smidge too big so they will have to resize it. However, she is ready for the wedding planning to start and seems over the moon for the big day to come.

As for how the Teen Mom couple met, Mackenzie McKee shared the tea on that:

“We met one night and then we talked every night after that. We kind of knew, and it’s almost been two years and there’s not one day that I doubted or had any doubts. I’m just really happy and I’ve never had this kind of love. I just really, really look up to him as a person and he just kind of stepped in and raised these kids.”

She also just noted how great she would sound with his last name when posting a photo of the duo in early 2024. More of their story will take place in the new season of The Next Chapter which also features Jenelle Evans who was previously fired. So, this is shaping up to be a good year.

Are you excited for Mackenzie? Let us know in the comments and congratulations to the happy couple.

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