‘Family Feud’ Fans Call Out ‘Ridiculous’ Raunchy Questions

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It seems that Family Feud has gotten a lot raunchier recently, at least as far as many fans are concerned. The questions often offer a little racier answers than usual. Some players also give some NSFW answers — even in questions that don’t warrant those kinds of answers.

However, some fans wonder if the popular game show isn’t moving a little too far away from family-friendly daily entertainment.

Fans Blast Family Feud For Raunchy Questions/Answers

Family Feud has more moments than ever before that fans consider raunchy. Some of the moments are warranted. There was a question about what people might want to try if they had never done it. A guy said “mé·nage à trois,” which shook up host Steve Harvey. However, “threesome” was in the answers.

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Other moments come out of nowhere. In one episode, the question was what people might bury in their backyard. A woman answered a “placenta,” which caused Steve Harvey to have no idea how to respond. That wasn’t on the board, for obvious reasons.

However, a recent episode had the question almost asking for raunchy answers. The question was something that “married people do at home in the nude.” The answers are obviously going to get dirty from that point, especially considering many of the recent contestants on the show.

When a woman said “make love,” the board had the answer, “BBQ the Bratwurst” as the equivalent to that answer. The audience laughed and the woman who answered simply responded by saying, “What in the world?”

Fans Call Out Family Feud for Raunchy Answers

Family Feud shared this moment on its Instagram account as one of the more recent funny moments. However, while the players had fun and the audience laughed, fans at home were highly offended.


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In the comments for the post, fans felt that Family Feud wasn’t “family” anymore.

  • “Family feud is getting kind of raunchy”
  • “These questions are ridiculous”
  • “Such Much for a Show being Called “Family” Feud”

Of course, the biggest complaints are that Family Feud isn’t for “families” anymore. This completely misses the point that the show has always been about families competing against each other. The name has nothing to do with “family-friendly television” and never has been. Some fans pointed that out as well.

  • “Family Feud means families compete against each other. It has nothing to do with the content”
  • “Family Feud been freaky since the beginning”
  • “It’s a family that’s telling the answer is it’s not for you to bring your kids to watch”

Just last week, Steve Harvey even seemed shaken at an answer. The question was “Name something you’d hate to be wearing when you get locked out of your hotel room.” The answer given was “Girlfriend’s clothes.” Shockingly, the answer was on the board.

What are your thoughts on recent Family Feud questions and answers? Do you think they are getting raunchier, or do you remember that they always have been? Let us know in the comments below.

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