‘Family Feud’ Steve Harvey Left In Disbelief, Calls Show ‘Ridiculous’

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Family Feud host Steve Harvey was left in disbelief during a recent episode and even called out the game show as “ridiculous.” He has heard a lot of crazy things on the hit series but this time, his jaw hit the floor. So, what happened and how did he exactly react? Keep reading for all of the details.

Family Feud Steve Harvey Left In Disbelief, Calls Show ‘Ridiculous’

Steve Harvey is no stranger to interesting answers on the Family Feud. Families have to guess the top answers on the board out of 100 people questioned. They can only get three Xs before the question is turned over to the opposite team. That means the family has to think hard and oftentimes, work closely together. This can be a challenge based on the question and such was the case with a recent category. According to The Sun, it revolved around Superman and him taking off his cape.

Steve Harvey on The Family Feud / YouTube
Steve Harvey-YouTube

The host asked a contestant named Mandi this question:

“What’s something Superman would take off his cape to do?”

To that, she answered, with a laugh:

“He would take off his cape to… go to a charity function.”

This was clearly not what Steve expected to hear from her as he asked Mandi to explain her answer and she did just that. She shared that he would remove his cape as he is not Superman. He then proceeded to ask the producers if they had any clue what Mandi was talking about. Mandi had little faith in her own answer so she was the one who asked to see the infamous “X.”


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Shockingly, Mandi’s answer was kind of there, reading: “Dress as Clark Kent.” Everyone was shocked, Mandi’s team included. Stave Harvey stood there, baffled and once the disbelief started to fade, he had this to say:

“This is the most ridiculous game on television.”

The clip was so hilarious and incredible that it was shared on the Family Feud Instagram so that fans could relive it over and over again.

Amazing Moment

Family Feud fans immediately headed over to the show’s Instagram page to comment on the clip which was truly mindblowing. What were their thoughts on this and were they as shocked as Steve Harvey?

  • Hey, you gotta respect the accidental wins.
  • This is what gets me, the answer on the board is different from what the contestant says
  • Of all the things you think of you think CHARITY FUNCTION? 😂
  • She had no hope in her answer 😂😂

One fan made a valid point that “charity function” was not on the board but she still got credit. Others just could not believe that was what she thought but it all worked out in the end. What did you think of her answer and did you expect her to get it right? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Yes she got it right, if he dressed as himself, he would have to take off his cape, just as Clark Kent did in the tv show Superman.

  2. Clark Kent was a news reporter. So he could have been doing his job, writing a column covering the charity event. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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