Is Rachel Lindsay Dating Someone From Her ‘Bachelorette’ Season?

Rachel Lindsay/Credit: Instagram

Bryan Abasolo filed for divorce from Rachel Lindsay on January 1, 2024. Rumors have swirled since that she’s dating another Bachelorette contestant. Is there any truth to the rumors? Keep reading to see why fans are suspicious.

Another Bachelor Nation Divorce

2024 has not been kind to Bachelor Nation couples so far. Golden Bachelor couple Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist announced their divorce in April after just three months of marriage. But another surprise divorce announcement came in January.

Rachel Lindsay/Credit: Instagram
Rachel Lindsay/Credit: Instagram

Season 13 Bachelorette winner Bryan Abasolo abruptly filed for divorce from Rachel Lindsay on January 1, 2024. He listed the date of separation as one day earlier. The two are currently duking it out in court over spousal support. The chiropractor filed a request for spousal support from the TV personality, citing a massive difference in income. According to Abasolo, he makes a measly $1,700 a month compared to Rachel Lindsay’s five-figure income.

Bryan Abasolo Gives Bachelor Nation Fans The ‘Ick’

A lot of Bachelorette viewers fell in love with Bryan Abasolo as Rachel Lindsay did. However, his approval from fans has been in a rapid freefall since the divorce filing. His social media is full of partially nude photos that the internet dubs “thirst traps.”

His social media activity on Memorial Day was trolled hard by Bachelor Nation fans. They took to Reddit to drag his latest bare-chested photo of him lounging outdoors in the sun.

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

Check out some of the reactions:

  • He sure does a lot of lounging for someone who’s only making $1700 a month!
  • I know he claims to be broke but this dude really needs to buy a beard trimmer
  • you just KNOW he’s sliding into 20 year old’s DM’s right now, and I hate that Rachel is gonna have to give him half of her money. Shouldn’t he be looking for a job instead of posting thirst traps?!
  • I’m so embarrassed for him
  • That’s a nope.
  • He is exactly what we thought he was during Rachel’s season.

Is Rachel Lindsay Dating Someone From Her Bachelorette Season?

Many Bachelor Nation followers find Rachel Lindsay divisive, especially after her involvement in Chris Harrison’s exit from the franchise. However, they can’t help but side with her in the divorce. But her increased popularity also comes with a side of more rumors. Many long-time fans of the show wondered if she might reunite with the runner-up from her show, Peter Kraus.

Rachel Lindsay and Peter Kraus/Credit: Youtube
Rachel Lindsay and Peter Kraus/Credit: Youtube

One BN fan took to Reddit to speculate about why Peter Kraus may have recently deactivated his Instagram. Several people brought up the rumors regarding Rachel Lindsay. One wrote, “The only answer I will accept is he is secretly dating Rachel and doesn’t want anyone to find out via insta sleuthing until the divorce is finalized.”

Another speculated, “Perhaps after the news broke about Rachel & Bryan’s split, too many deranged BN fans were bugging him to reach out to Rachel!”

If the rumors were true, there would be at least one supporter. One fan wrote the Reddit thread, “I would be ecstatic if they were getting back together. He was so much better suited to her than that a** Bryan.”

Do you think there could be some truth in the rumors surrounding Rachel Lindsay and Peter Kraus, or is it just wishful thinking from fans? Sound off in the comments.

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