Restaurant Sues Gordon Ramsay After ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ Clip

Gordon Ramsay on Kitchen Nightmares / YouTube

A restaurant that was the subject of Kitchen Nightmares sued Gordon Ramsay. The actual episode was released more than a decade ago. However, thanks to a video promo released on Facebook, the restaurant sued Ramsay for making them look bad.

Here is who sued Ramsay and what happened in the lawsuit.

Restaurant Sued Gordon Ramsay

A New Orleans restaurant sued Gordon Ramsay for an episode of Kitchen Nightmares. The restaurant is called Oceana Grill and it didn’t just sue Ramsay once. It sued him twice. The episode (Season 3, Episode 14) was even removed from streaming and YouTube thanks to problems

Gordon Ramsay / YouTube

The episode remains famous because it showed Ramsay throwing up based on what he found. He also found three dead mice in the restaurant during the episode. However, the company that owns Oceana Grill said, “None of the above-described events were real, but were contrived and orchestrated by defendants to manufacture drama for their show.”

While that is a reason for the lawsuit, there was also a financial problem. According to the lawsuit, the company would be paid $10,000 every time the episode aired in the future and any rerun would show how the restaurant was doing after the episode.

As a result, the owners took the show to court twice. They claimed in the cases that Ramsay hurt the restaurant more than it helped them. Located on Bourbon Street, the restaurant has a lot of competition and they claimed that Ramsay hurt their business.

What Happened In The Gordon Ramsay Lawsuit?

The restaurant was sold to new owners after the episode aired. The new owners filed a lawsuit attempting to prevent the episode from airing. The owners felt the show was misrepresented and they ended up reaching a settlement for the money paid every time the show was rerun. This also included a promise to add in how things changed with each rerun.

Gordon Ramsay On Hell's Kitchen [FOX | YouTube]

In August 2018, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares Facebook page posted a now-deleted post with a clip of the episode. It showed Ramsay gagging in the restaurant’s kitchen. The caption read, “No wonder this restaurant is failing.” A second lawsuit was filed because it made it sound like it was still failing. This created a defamation lawsuit.

The lawsuit saw the show removed from streaming and the network will no longer use clips from it.

Oceana is also known for lawsuits. They also filed a lawsuit for damages related to the COVID-19 shutdowns and won in the first appellate court for insurance coverage for the losses.  Following the lawsuits and the controversy with Gordon Ramsay, the business is still open to this day.

What are your thoughts on the Gordon Ramsay lawsuit from Kitchen Nightmares? Do you think a restaurant that signed up for the show deserves protection when it airs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. isn’t that the restaurant where they literally said they’d just had an exterminator in like a week before? Sure you admit your restaurant has a rat problem but obviously if Gordon finds dead mice it must be because he brought them in even though that didn’t happen with any other restaurant!

    1. The previous owners were the ones that signed up for the show so any negative exposures found in their restaurant is on them; not on Gordon Ramsay. He wouldn’t plant dead rats in any of those restaurants. There’s no evidence to back up that Gordon did any of that.

  2. Isn’t that the place where Ramsay found the dead rat in the toaster?? That they continued to make toast in and serve to customers??! The purpose of Kitchen Nightmares is expose restaurants that are doing poor in their communities and bring them back to life. Pretty sure there was paperwork they had to sign. Always read the fine print!

  3. I feel that if they go on the show and they have an exposure that is negative they signed up for it no other option because then that’s unfair. Based on the fact that they’re receiving funds for doing this and they’re back door and sue for additional funds after this man goes into their restaurant give them credibility & renovate, personally think it’s a slimy business move by someone who sees money in his future & none on theirs

  4. I’m sorry but with this lawsuit it seems like they are trying to still get people to come in to the restaurant. Poor taste to get money to help them stay afloat. Truly just shows that they are struggling for money and in the end it will be their downfall. Just looking to pass the blame on someone else for their failures

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