Gordon Ramsay Reacts Aggressively To Recent Home Invasion

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Gordon Ramsay has suffered through a recent traumatic experience. He experienced a home invasion when squatters showed up at his York & Albany Hotel. As a result, he has set up some new massive security measures around his home.

Here is what Gordon Ramsay has done to protect him and his family.

Gordon Ramsay Victim Of Home Invasion

Ramsay watched as squatters (who called themselves the Anarchist Association London Branch) invaded his multi-million-dollar gastropub in April. He realized the danger he could be in with these things happening and he decided to proactively set up security measures to protect his London mansion.

Gordon Ramsay from Mythical Kitchen on YouTube

Ramsay felt he could take no chances as he and his family moved out of their London mansion to renovate it. As a result, the celebrity chef hired a professional high-tech security firm to protect his property and house day and night. There will be guards and dogs patrolling the property 24 hours a day.

One source said that the only thing more important to Ramsay than his business empire is his family. “He’s not sparing any expense to keep them safe,” the source said (via The Sun). “Seeing the occupation of one of his premises spooked him, and he realized the same fate could befall his family home” They said he had to take “extreme precautions” to protect his family.

Ramsay decided that the cost was no concern as he needed to protect his home, especially during renovations while the family was not at the house. Gordon still works in the United States and his wife just gave birth to their sixth child, six months ago.

Gordon Ramsay & Lisa Vanderpump’s Show A New Hit

While Gordon Ramsay is dealing with some personal and traumatic problems in his personal life, his professional life continues to thrive. He just started the second season of his reality TV show with Lisa Vanderpump called Food Stars on Fox.


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Food Stars debuted its second season on Wednesday night and saw food and beverage entrepreneurs pitch themselves and their products, services, or business ideas to Ramsay and Vanderpump. The two celebrities than built teams to go through “Business Bootcamp” and in the finale, one person will win $250,000 and Ramsay or Vanderpump will leave with bragging rights.

Vanderpump promised drama this season on the show, saying, “I saw how important it was to him for him to win, the more important it was for me to beat him” (via New York Post).

What are your thoughts on Gordon Ramsay’s home invasion scare? Have you been watching the second season of his show with Lisa Vanderpump? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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