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‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Foul-Mouthed Gordon Ramsay Shares Big Changes

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Gordon Ramsay announced the big changes that have come into his life. The Hell’s Kitchen star admits that he’s nothing like the foul-mouthed chef that he plays on television. He’s become softer with age. Keep on reading to learn more about Gordon’s softer side.

Hell’s Kitchen star calls himself “an old softie”

In a new interview, Gordon Ramsay shared a side of himself that fans may not know. He became known for his ill-tempered behavior on shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares.  However, Gordon claims that he’s more easygoing and laid-back than his television persona.

The 56-year-old calls himself “an old softie.” The contestants are the ones who are more likely to bite back. Gordon finds it amusing. He shared his thoughts on his persona in an interview with The U.S. Sun ahead of the season of his show Next Level Chef.

Gordon Ramsay On Hell's Kitchen [FOX | YouTube]
[FOX | YouTube]
“I’m even more caring now because I am at the age I am. My job is to get the best out of the contestants,” Gordon Ramsay told The U.S. Sun. “I’ve learned a level of vulnerability. You forget those insecurities when you haven’t got secure footings and you’re going from job to job struggling to pay the bills. I’ve always been honest.”

Making big changes in his life

He will never lose that side of himself. Just don’t expect him to have outbursts at the grocery store or in the middle of the street. It’s common for fans to come up to Gordon Ramsay and expect him to cuss and yell at them.

Gordon Ramsay [Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon | YouTube]
[Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon | YouTube]
Yet, it’s hard for him because it’s not his typical personality. Still, he has that “feisty” side to himself, which he got from his mom. Gordon shared the one piece of advice he took from her.

“One thing my mum has always told me was to get straight to the point,” Gordon Ramsay explained. “They’re feisty, trust me.”

In the upcoming season, Gordon’s 21-year-old daughter Tilly will appear alongside with him as a guest judge. He’s the father to five children. TV Shows Ace has reported on his other daughter Holly in the past. He’s excited to taste the dishes with one of his daughters on the show.

Gordon Ramsay keeps it in the family

It wasn’t just exciting for him. It was a great moment for the contestants as well. Gordon Ramsay said he loved having his daughter on the show. Even though he’s keeping it in the family, he admits that she’s doing her own thing.

“To watch her grow all of a sudden to see this incredible 21-year-old mature university student,” Gordon Ramsay exclaimed. “And she’s doing some amazing stuff. So that was really exciting for the contestants, they loved it.”

Next Level Chef premieres on ITV on Wednesday, January 11. What are your thoughts on the changes coming to Gordon Ramsay’s life? Does this surprise you? Sound off below in the comment section.

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