Why Tamar Braxton Rejected ‘RHOA’ Offer

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Why did Tamar Braxton reject an offer to be on RHOA when she is no stranger to reality television fame? She and her family have had their own series plus she has been a talk show host. So, what was it about the hit Bravo show that did not appeal to her? Keep reading for more details.

Why Tamar Braxton Rejected RHOA Offer

It has recently come out that several celebrities have been turning down the chance to be part of the Real Housewives franchise. Jenny McCarthy was asked to be on RHONY years ago but declined. Christina Applegate shared she was offered a spot on RHOBH but felt she would be too boring. More so, she did not think she would add anything to the mix. Finally, Tisha Campbell was also asked to be on BH but it just was not right for her. Everyone has their limits and that is understandable.

Tamar Braxton - YouTube/Jennifer Hudson Show
Tamar Braxton-YouTube

Now, Tamar Braxton is speaking out about her offer to be on RHOA. She has been on her own reality series in the past, Braxton Family Values. Additionally, she was a co-host on The Real and won Celebrity Big Brother. Finally, she and her now ex-husband, Vincent Herbert had their own show, Tamar & Vince. So, when she was in talks to be on RHOA, it did not sit well with Tamar. According to People, she spoke to Carlos King about why that was not the right show for her:

“I’ve had conversations but the truth is, it’s just no way I’m going to sit and get a wig put on and get my face beat to argue with a bunch of b**ches about nothing. I can’t do it. What does that do for me in my life? What’s the argument?”

Tamar Braxton went on to talk more about money and that she was not going to sign on just for a good paycheck:

“Let me tell you something, all money ain’t good money. It’s just not. This is what I say: What’s for me won’t miss me. It’s not worth my mental to sit up here and get into an argument with another Black beautiful woman about nothing so ‘other people’ can think this is what we’re about.”

Seems like Tamar has a very clear stance about what she is willing to put out on television and the way she wants women to be perceived. More so, she feels she has an obligation which is great to see that she won’t risk her morals for a dollar sign.

TV She Wants To Make

It is clear that RHOA is not for Tamar Braxton which is fine. She likely has other avenues she can travel with all of the other work she has done in reality television. However, she has made it clear that she wants to create “feel good, funny, good, relatable epic television.” With that mindset, Tamar knows where she is going and what she wants, with a clear vision. That being said, if Bravo really likes and wants her, maybe they will tailor a show to her.

Would you have liked to see Tamar on RHOA or is the cast good as it is? Let us know in the comments below.

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