‘The Little Couple’ Bill Klein Shares Secret To Buff Bod

The Little Couple: Bill Klein - Jen Arnold

Since The Little Couple has been off the air, fans may be curious about what Bill Klein and the rest of the gang have been up to. Recently, Bill let his followers in on a little secret regarding how he stays in shape. So, what did he have to say?

The Little Couple: Bill Klein Keeping Busy

The Little Couple fans might think that no longer filming scenes for TLC would open up a lot of free time for Bill Klein and the rest of his family. However, each family member continues to stay busy, and it always seems like there is something going on in the Arnold/Klein household.

Both Bill Klein and Jen Arnold have built comfortable lives for themselves and their children. So much so that they could take it easy and live comfortably for many years to come. As fans keeping up with their social media updates regularly see, this family is doing anything but slowing down.

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold - Bill Klein - Will Klein - Zoey Klein
The Little Couple: Jen Arnold – Bill Klein – Will Klein – Zoey Klein/Instagram

Former TLC Family Enjoying Life In Boston

One thing Bill Klein, Jen Arnold, Will Klein, and Zoey Klein have had time to do is enjoy their new lives in Boston since making the move there from Florida. As much as they loved all the beaches and the weather in Florida, they seem to have adjusted nicely to their new lives in Boston.

Based on the most recent updates from Jen Arnold, she even took Zoey to see Ed Sheeran in concert. The Little Couple fans love seeing all of the updates that Jen Arnold shares of her children, especially because Will and Zoey have grown up a lot since they first filmed TLC scenes.

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The Little Couple: Bill Klein Shares Secret To Staying In Shape

Recently, Bill Klein took to social media to give his The Little Couple followers a glimpse into what he does to stay in shape. One of his secrets, according to Bill, is “lat pulldowns.” Bill recently shared an update of him kicking butt in the gym, along with getting his reps in to stay in shape.

Bill Klein told his The Little Couple followers: “Some lat pulldowns… which do you think hurt the most? Which was the most effective in helping this old man build some muscle? Which one of you has a heating pad I can borrow :).”


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Bill Klein has always had a sense of humor. All jokes aside, his The Little Couple followers are glad to see him putting in the work to stay in shape, especially as he gets up there in age. Bill may not be ripped, but, he is doing what he needs to do, and his fans love to see it.

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