‘Naked And Afraid’ Star Suffers Horrifying Injury ‘Down Below’

Sam on Naked & Afraid / YouTube

Naked and Afraid contestants suffer through a lot if they want to win the show. One thing that they have to contend with is that they are naked. This means that every part of their body is at risk and nothing is protected as they traverse through the wilderness settings. This came back to bite one cast member who suffered an injury “down below.”

This is also the second time that he injured himself in the same spot. The first came one year ago. Here is what you need to know.

Naked and Afraid Suffers Second Injury In A Year

When contestants go on Naked and Afraid, they know there is a strong risk of injury. Hurt feet, broken bones, rashes, and burns are all common when people are traveling through the wilderness trying to survive. However, one contestant suffered his second injury in a spot where no man wants to deal with pain.

Waz and Jake walking smiling in Naked & Afraid XL: Frozen.

Sam Mouzer suffered his second injury to his penis in a year. This injury was actually more gruesome than the first one. Sam makes his return to the franchise in Naked and Afraid XL and he ends up getting hurt once again in the Colombian Badlands. This time, he gets a tick on his penis.

This might be the worst luck of all time for Sam as this is the second time in a year that he hurt his package. Most fans of the franchise remember one thing that made him famous last year on the show. He burned himself down there while sleeping next to an open fire. A hot coal popped out of the fire and burned him.

This seemed worse. While he was in pain after the burn last year, this time he was screaming in pain. He explained to Heather and Adam that it had burrowed deeper into his skin when he tried to remove it the first time. He said he would rip it off, but Heather and Adam stopped him and soon the medics showed up and helped remove it.

This Season Of Naked And Afraid XL

This season on Naked and Afraid XL, returning contestants try to survive longer than ever before. Adam Kavanagh, Andrew Shayde, Christopher James, Cole Wilks, Heather Smith,  Kaiela Hobart,  Lynsey McCarver,  Malorie Romero, Shell Armogida, Nathan Martinez, Sam Mouzer, and Terra Short are all back for more.

The biggest difference is that this is a 40-day challenge, whereas the original series is only a 21-day challenge. The new season also promises to be soul-breaking according to the synopsis. However, for Sam, it isn’t his soul that was broken — at least not yet.

Are you shocked that Sam once again injured himself down there on Naked and Afraid? Does it seem he is cursed to always suffer serious injuries? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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