‘VPR’ Ariana And Katie Only Supported By One Cast Member

Katie Maloney and Ariana Madix

Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney seem to be supported by only one member of the Vanderpump Rules cast. They finally opened their sandwich shop Something About Her yesterday. Fans have been eager to see the opening of the restaurant. It has been a long road as they have continued to push the opening. However, it is officially open, and they have only seen support from one of their costars. Keep reading to find out more.

Sandwich Shop Delays

Something About Her has finally opened. Fans were starting to question if it was ever going to open due to how long it was taking. Lisa Vanderpump even questioned the delays on the reunion episode.

“It’s held up any kind of permit that we could obtain to open. They’re gonna have to add from the second door that goes out to the new patio. They’ll have to add a little tiny ramp so it’s ADA-compliant. And there’s apparently other violations in the building, too.”

They revealed it was going to be opening May 22 and it happened yesterday. However, they did not get a lot of support from their fellow costars.

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Ariana Madix And Katie Maloney Only Supported By One

Ariana and Katie were only supported on social media by one costar, Tom Schwartz. 

“Tom Schwartz gives Something About Her a shout out on their grand opening. He’s the only one from the #PumpRules cast so far,”

Tom posted on his Instagram story.

“Shout out to @somethingabouther on their grand opening, campaign for a muffuletta menu placement begins now,”

No one else has showed their support and fans are confused. They expected at least Lisa Vanderpump to show up on their opening day, but she did not. The two also struggled with issues with their POS system. They only let one to two people in at a time. Katie and Ariana also seemed to be stressed out, but that is normal when opening a restaurant for the first time. What do you think?

Tom Schwartz Instagram Story
Tom Schwartz Instagram Story

It seems Tom Schwartz is the only one who showed the two support publicly. Tom was formerly married to Katie and the two have remained somewhat civil through their divorce. Fans were shocked they didn’t see any support from Lisa Vanderpump, Scheana Shay, or Lala Kent. It makes fans wonder if something happened that fans are unaware of. What do you think the reasoning is? Sound off in the comments below.

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