Katie Maloney Reveals Deep Opinion On Scheana And Tom Kiss

Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz/Pump Rules/YouTube

Katie Maloney recently revealed some deep opinions on Tom Schwartz and Scheana Shay kissing. It seems as though Tom and Scheana kissed while Katie and Tom were dating. This was shocking for fans and costars to hear. No one knew about this, and Tom let the cat out of the bag in last night’s episode. It is safe to say Katie was not happy when she heard about it from Lala.

Tom Schwartz Tells Lala Kent What Happened

Tom Schwartz told Lala Kent what happened between him and Scheana Shay. He thought they could just move past it, but he was wrong. 

“Everyone has cheated. We have all cheated. Like I have done stupid s—t. I was a makeout slut, I made out with Scheana like 12 years ago in Vegas. No one even knows that. It was so long ago and it was the most innocuous thing ever. It was somewhere in Vegas. Me and Katie were dating but it was a rocky moment. I just wanted to put it out there and let the record show that we are all human. We all do dumb s—t sometimes. This is the summer of forgiveness.”

Lala had to ask for more details several times because she was flabbergasted about what she had just heard.

Tom Schwartz, Scheana Shay-YouTube
Tom Schwartz, Scheana Shay-YouTube

Would Katie Maloney Have Ended The Relationship?

Katie Maloney revealed that she would have broken up with Tom Schwartz if she had known about this situation. 

“Yeah, that would have been a very different situation. Having Tom just cheat on me with whoever was a little bit different, I could kind of live in a little bit of ignorance. But it being someone I know would be different. There were definitely opportunities where we were close enough that she could [tell me].”

It would have been harder for Katie to get over if she had known because she would have had to continue to see Scheana and be reminded of what had happened. Fans know Schwartz and Maloney were not meant to be and they separated for the better. 

Tom Schwartz, Katie Maloney-YouTube
Tom Schwartz, Katie Maloney-YouTube

It seems as though Katie Maloney would have broken up with Tom Schwartz if she had known about this when it happened. However, this is not the first time Tom cheated on Katie. Maloney feels as though it is different since she knows Shay. Fans understand as the two have been in the same friend group for years and it would have made it worse if she had known about it. What do you think? Do you think it is different? Sound off in the comments below.

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