Ryan Sutter Expresses Feelings After Huge Trista Concern

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Bachelor Nation’s Ryan Sutter sparked major concern about his wife Trista’s well-being in a series of social media posts. He posted that he was missing her, but worded it in a way that some mistakenly thought she had died. After major media attention, the firefighter returned to social media with an explanation for his previous posts.

Where Is Trista Sutter?

Just before Mother’s Day earlier this month, Ryan Sutter took to his Instagram to honor his wife and mother to his two children, Trista Sutter. But it wasn’t your typical social media Mother’s Day post. He shared a black and white photo of Trista looking off over the water.

“They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder,” the caption began. The Season 1 Bachelorette winner noted that throughout their long marriage, he typically spoke to her every day. But he cryptically alluded to being unable to reach her. “I miss her already,” he wrote.

He followed up the next day with another post about her not being home for Mother’s Day, leading fans to speculate where Trista is. Many of his followers guessed that she might be off the grid filming a reality show with another Bachelor Nation alum.

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The initial posts didn’t garner too much media attention, but Ryan Sutter’s next post about missing his wife made headlines nationwide. Why?

Ryan Sutter Makes Concerning Social Media Post

“I really wish I could talk to you. Ask you how you’re doing? How was your day. I’d really like to hear your voice – just for a minute.” – That’s how Ryan Sutter began another social media post that included a black and white photo of him and his wife of 20 years.

Credit: Ryan Sutter Instagram
Credit: Ryan Sutter Instagram

Fans immediately grew concerned that the couple were either separating or something horrible had happened to Trista. However, neither of those things turned out to be true. So, why did Ryan Sutter post those words?

His Explanation

After a major media storm, Ryan Sutter tried to explain where he was coming from with his posts about Trista.

“I mostly post about my dog. I drive a pick up truck to a blue collar job. I mow my own lawn, pull my own weeds and clean my own house…I feel pretty normal because I am pretty normal,” he wrote alongside a photo of the family dog.

The former reality star continued, “But 21 years ago I was pretty famous. I don’t have millions of followers and am not influencing anyone but for some reason, every now and then, people still pay attention.”

“To be honest, it also felt good to know people still cared, and worried and wondered. It felt good to be noticed.”

He ended the follow-up post by vowing to go back to only posting about the family dog to avoid creating mass panic again.


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Mixed Reaction From Fans

Bachelor Nation fans were divided over Ryan Sutter’s posts. Some fans thought his posts about missing his wife were sweet. They reminded others that during his time on The Bachelorette, he wrote poetry to Trista.

However, others felt his posts were a little over the top. Check out some of the comments on Reddit:

  • wtf is this lol. All he had to say was sorry folks, I just really love my wife and missed her, didn’t mean to make it sound like she died. Can’t wait for my wife to be home.
  • This is giving “not like other girls” but, a dude
  • I mean… he publicly made the declaration, instead of sending her a DM or text for when she could see it. He made her sound dead or divorced. He clearly meant for it to be seen.
  • I don’t mind him posting that he misses his wife, but the man made it sound like she died
  • How has he managed to be even more cringy than his last post?? Someone take away this man’s phone
  • This first paragraph reads like a Jewel song.

What do you think about Ryan Sutter’s making multiple posts about missing his wife? Was he being sweet or a little too much? Sound off in the comments.

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